Diana - An Idea

Diana sat in her wonderful room. It was her Red Room. It was the essence of beauty in itself, but yet Diana didn't notice its beauty. No, she was thinking.

If Belle was to be her servant, and she was mute, then the plan would not work out. So she would have only one choice left. To run away.

Either way, she would have to tell Belle the whole thing, and Cecil deserved to know, too. Diana made a note to herself to ask Belle if she could tell Cecil.

Diana stood up. There were urgent matters to attend to, like packing her belongings and devising a plan to get out of the house. Her house. The house where she had grown up in, her inheritance. It was the only house she knew. She couldn't bear to live in another. But she had to. There was no other way, unless she wanted to die and become poor on the streets. And there was no way she was going to let that happen. No way in the world.

But there was a flaw in her plan. How could she find work with only another mute girl for assistance? She needed someone who had a voice, someone who could speak. She needed Cecil. And so it was decided: she's take along Cecil and tell her the whole thing while she told Belle. She longed to see their reactions.

Then Diana re-thought that phrase. No, she didn't want to see Belle's reaction. She didn't want to see the hurt at being used, or the distrust at the betrayal. She didn't even want to see Cecil's reactions at the first part. The part where she explained how Belle was being used. Diana only wanted to see their reactions at her plan of running away.

Diana paced the Red Room, thinking, devising. Soon an idea would pop up in her head, she was sure of it. And yet one didn't. Not for a few hours, at least.

The End

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