Belle - Morning Chores

There was a frenzied knocking at the door. Belle rolled over and groaned inwardly.

'Wake up, yer girl!'

Belle sat up and quickly made her bed, before Mrs Anderty rushed in and started scolding her for not making her bed quickly enough. Mrs Anderty wouldn't scold any other girl for doing that, but as soon as she had discovered that Belle was mute she became nasty.

Just as she had predicted, Mrs Anderty pushed into the room and opened her mouth to yell at Belle. Belle was standing innocently by the already-made up bed, carrying a bundle of clothes slung over her arm that was to be fitted onto Diana the next day.

Mrs Anderty was speechless. She opened and closed her mouth, then opened it once more. Finally, she found some words to say: 'Wipe that smirk off your face young peasant and why on Earth are Madame Diana's clothes in your room?'

So it can be easier to take them to her and arrange them instead of walking to the fitting room, going to Diana's room, and arranging them in a particular order. The good thing about writing is you could say more, because you weren't saying it yourself. It made Belle feel a bit better about being scolded and punished every day for no particular reason except for the fact that she was mute.

'Firstly, girl, that's Madame Diana to you, and for your information, you have no right to be taking things out of the Madame's personal fitting room without her permission! And who are you to reorganise the way things are done, anyway?'

No-one, Belle wrote, but in her head, she thought, No-one, I'm a nobody, and you know that, don't you? And you just want to make fun of it. Then she consoled herself by thinking: Like your anyone, anyway. Who are you to say all these things about a fellow nobody? Belle felt a smile rising to her lips and she quickly pushed her face out of shape to stop it arising.

'That's exactly right, young peasant and now get to yer first morning chores. We 'ave no rotations here, but only cause yer can remember yer jobs easier!'

Or maybe because then you can give me the hardest jobs, thought Belle. Ah, life is hard, anyway.

Then Mrs Anderty stalked out of the room with Belle following her.

The End

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