'Belle, Diana, let's play!' it was their free time, and Cecil was so bored that she dearly wanted to play something.

Fine, but I've got to take my tablets first, scratched out Diana. 'Why?' Cecil, ever so inquisitive. So it might help me get better. Better from muteness.

'Is there such thing?' Diana shrugged. Belle looked away. Maybe there was a cure. She didn't know.

By then Belle knew how to write and read, and she and Diana could communicate together and they knew each others' names. Cecil still didn't know how to read though, and she only knew Diana's name because Madame Marryanne Le Testhmus had told her. She only knew Belle's name because by then Mrs Anderty had found out too.

What shall we play then? Belle had her own slate now.

'I don't know. Something fun. Tag?' Cecil suggested. Diana shook her head. Too rough. I might get my clothes dirty.

'Stuck in the mud?'

Diana giggled, at least, she tried to giggle and she looked like she was giggling but no sound came out. Too muddy.

'Don't be silly, it isn't real mud!' then Cecil thought again. 'Or maybe it can be.'

Don't you dare! Belle's chalk sprang into action. If you dare, dare make my servant's dress dirty, I will kill you!

'It's your only dress, so you can't clean it, can you?'

Belle blushed. It was a hard life for a servant girl, because everyone treated her like she was the bottom of the earth, except for Diana and Cecil, but then again, at least she wasn't kicked on a daily basis. She was beaten by Mrs Anderty quite a fair bit, though, but she didn't mind. It beats being a beggar any day.

'Come on, what are you waiting for? Let's move!'

The girls had fun for about an hour but then Cecil and Belle had to go back to scrubbing dishes and after that, they both climbed up the rickety staircase to the servants' quarters.

The End

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