Diana - Guigyuen

The carriage trundled back towards the mansion. It was an old crumbling thing, but the left side Madame Marryanne Le Testhmus had restored it to its former glory. It was a grand affair, with a balcony opening out onto the huge area beyond. Many of the walls were gilded with gold. Diana stared at the ever looming mansion ahead. Her mansion. At least, not yet hers, but soon to be.

"Nearly there, Madame," the coach called out from his perch.

Diana smiled grimly. As if she couldn't see that. Just because she was mute didn't mean she was dumb too. The carriage clacked into the driveway. The coach got off and offered Diana a hand. She smiled and took it. She knew that it was proper etiquette, but if he hadn't put his hand there she could have jumped off the carriage without clambering down while holding someone's hand.

"Madame, Testhmus House."

Diana nodded her thanks. She went through the side door before the coach could ring the bell for her. She always thought of him as 'the coach,' because his real name was too hard to pronounce. Imagine naming your child 'Guigyuen'.

There was a hustle and bustle in the house. The fire was warm in the grate, and the house was warm with activity. Diana smiled. This was her house.

The End

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