Diana - Another Function

Diana had just been taken away to another function with her great aunt. It was a sunny room, lit by the rays of sunlight travelling down through the hole in the roof. The only bad thing was that when it was raining, the water would stream down in waterfalls, soaking everything and everyone underneath it.

There was lots of talking going around the room, and the jabble of voices had long since ceased to exist for Diana. All that existed was the perfect nature in harmony with the animals. She silently sighed. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all that black fog never was there all the time? And the smoke from the chimneys wouldn't be so smelly?

"Ah, so is thsi Madame Diana Le Testhmus?"

"Yes, it is."

"Well, you see, Marryanne, I never thought she would be so..."

Diana's great aunt sighed. "Yes, I know what you think. That is what they all think, but she is really a wonderful child. You should see all that she learns in one day."

"Yes, if you say so. Really, it must be so hard caring for such a child?"

"Madame," Marryanne Le Testhmus looked the woman straight in the eye. "There is nothing more I would want from a child such as her."

"Yes, a child such as her," the woman nodded distractedly. She walked towards Diana, and stroked her curls. "How are you liking it, darling? Is everything very fun?" She spoke to Diana like she was a baby. "How many playfriends do you have?" Then the woman sighed and shook her head. "I'm sorry, I keep forgetting." She snapped up her fan. "Well, I guess I better get going. Oh, look, there's Sir Gregory that I promised I would talk to."

Diana grimaced. It was like that everyday. No-one really knew who she was, what she was like, except for her great aunt. She stared out the open window that was allowing a cooling breeze to sweep inside the stuffy and crowded room. She could not wait until it was over.

The End

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