The Mute Girl

There is a mute girl who meets up with another mute girl and the story unfolds...

Belle was mute. Ever since she was born, her voice had been stolen from her, snatched away from her grasp. No-one cared about her, especially as she was mute. She could hear, in fact, her hearing was better than most people's, but she couldn't reply. She was all but a mere street urchin, a beggar. Most people didn't even know her name, let alone speak it, and she knew in her heart that when she grew old and frail she would not survive, with no-one providing for her.

Belle was homeless and an orphan. She had no parents. She had no relatives. She had no-one who cared about her. In other words, she basically didn't exist. She was a beggar, and nothing else. She had no talents except for scrounging for food, and she would sit there on the street side all day, cuddled up in an old rug that someone had thrown out. No-one looked at her or even talked to her, because she didn't call out, and they just didn't notice her.

Belle was a sad girl, and there was nothing anyone did to help her, and so she had gone even further into her sadness, her happiness disentergrating until it became a little speck that was soon to be extinguished.

The End

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