The Magic Mustache Cream

This year, Francis wanted to be noticed. But he didn't wanted to be noticed in a bad way. He didn't have any talent. He didn't have any skills. So what could he do? If he turned into the class clown, his mother would kill him. If he tried to funny at all, in fact, he would fail miserably. So he called T.J. over and asked him what he should do.

"First of all, get a new name," he said in his fake deep voice when Francis asked him. Francis rolled his eye at two things; T.J.'s voice was only deep to impress girls and that answer was dumb. What could a new name do?

"I can't just change my name," he told T.J.

"Well, get a new nickname, then," T.J. told Francis.

"What should it be?" Francis asked.

Silence. He sighed. "T.J., if you're shrugging, I can't see you."

"I dunno," he said.

"Well, what would you call me?"

"Uh, maybe F-Man, but that sounds bad."


"How about Frankenman?"

"Cheesy." This was going nowhere.

"Um...... Maybe...... I give up."

Francis sighed. "Never mind," he said and hung up. Then he went online to play Super Mario Online.

He typed in the address and the paged loaded. It took a couple of minutes, but he got on and played with Daniel. Francis was Mario and Daniel was Princess Peach. (All the other characters were taken on the session) He played the same level over and over again, so he finished the level in five minutes. Bored, he looked up other Mario games. There was a website to create your own Mario levels, and he opened that up. Not even five seconds after it loaded, a huge full-page ad flashed yellow and red on the screen. He almost clicked out when he saw what it was for.

It said:

Magic Mustache Cream! Grow a REAL mustache instantly! Scientifically proven formula is fool-proof and it works! Buy it now for only $14.99!

Francis clicked on the link and it led to a new tab. He new how was going to be noticed this year.

The End

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