Tomorrow Can Wait

Firewind - Tomorrow can wait

He couldn't wait, that much was clear. He'd been taken back to the tower, wailing with anger and fear and shame at Schala's death after the execution. They'd locked him in it's high room and denied him anything, not that he had much capacity for making requests any more.

The devil chuckled malevolently.

Shut up! Shut up, shut up, shut up!

Max, Max. Stop yelling and start thinking. We need to escape. You think Schala was the end of this? She was only the beginning and it will end with our head on the chopping block.

Our head? You....!

Fine, kill us both. Good luck avenging Schala when you're head in in a basket. I could help you, once I'm through the veil I can give you anything, I could bring her back, you could go back to your farm and live happily together forever, don't you want that?

Maximillian thought about it, it was tempting but he knew it would amount to nothing but broken promises and lies. Schala had been all he'd ever wanted and now she was gone. His life had been so hard, so unforgiving. He'd had the power, the will and it had been stripped from him one step at a time, first by the Queen and now by this thing, this monster.

He made a decision, he would harden himself against the world, harden himself against his feelings of weakness, of love and regret. Love, it seemed, was not for him. He'd been foiled at every turn. He would harden himself and focus his mind on one goal.

Revenge. He would destroy this devil and he would destroy the Queen. Both of them had brought him to this path and now they would reap the rewards. His power of prophesy might be gone, but tomorrow could wait. Today he would be saved, cleansed by his dedication to righteous vengence.

Make me stronger.


Make me strong enough to tear off the bars on my window and climb down the tower.

What makes you think I'm capable?

You burnt that man alive to keep a secret. You'll make me stronger to keep it again. Deny me and I'll kill myself and you with me.

I have limited power, but I'll see what I can do. I'm glad you decided to work together with me on this Max. Things will go much better for us both now.

Maximillian blanked his mind and thought of nothing. He didn't want his rage to give him away. He walked up to the windows and pulled the bars off the window one by one, the metal sending stone splintering around him like confetti. Next, he climbed up and began scaling the stone wall of the tower. He felt afraid, but he forced the emotion out of his mind, focusing on the blank, empty feeling he had before. Soon enough, he was at the bottom. Luckily, he hadn't been noticed, in fact, the area seemed much less busy than usual.

Usually there was a market on but the place was deserted. Then he saw it, a huge figure of stone, walking towards the castle. He quickly ducked around the corner out of sight. Whatever is was, the townspeople had run in fear. He was strongly considering doing the same but it was too close and might see him.

What the hell is that thing?

Ahh, I found myself sooner than expected. That, Max, is one of my bodies. Aeons ago the denizens of this world back then built me vessels with which to walk the earth. This one must have awoke when a spark of me came back after my long exile in the dark.

Maximillian decided to run.

The End

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