A Slightest Touch, The Heaviest Blow

The Secret Meeting - Touch

Maximillian awoke to a world of pain. He felt the dark presence inside of him, burning, touching every nerve. He felt the curl of a tendril round the length of the spine, the base of the neck and involuntarily he shivered. He felt a touch on his arm and almost recoiled as he imagined being pulled into the dark depth of some fathomless ocean by the presence inside of him. He was startled though when a womans voice spoke to him softly.

"Maximillian? Are you in there? Wake up, please!"

Slowly, painfully, he opened his eyes and their above him was the Queen. She looked at him with a combination of concern and intrigue. It wasn't the concern of a friend or relative though, but that of someone worried they might have lost an asset.

"How are you feeling?"

Maximillian's mouth moved, but nothing emerged. The Queen's face darkened and she gripped his wrist tightly.

"Are you well enough to walk, Master Trellis?"

Although lacking confidence, he nodded slowly.

"Excellent. Nurse, get Master Trellis out of bed and clothed. We have an execution to attend."

Maximillian cried out to protest in shock. What was happening? But nothing came and the room remained silent but for the echoing footsteps of the Queen as she departed. The nurse came back into the room and pulled Maximillian to his feet, helping him dress when he indicated he was still feeling to weak to make the effort himself.

You've got to find your way out of here Max. I didn't come here to die, I wont let you.

Maximillian heard the voice in his head and the sickening touch of the tendrils beneath his skin, a singular sensation that twisted his stomach and chilled hiim to the bone. He flt a strong urge to bolt, to flee, to escape the castle and the Queen and run, run, run.

Pretending nothing had happened, he finished dressing and looked to the nurse. She wouldn't meet his gaze, he didn't know why.

You fool. You must get out of here. Who do you think that execution is for?

Dear Gods! Schala!

Maximillian ran through the castle, down the winding tower and into the courtyard. There waiting for him was the sight he had been dreading. A full execution setup, Schala held in the centre by two burly guards.

The Queen was sat in her royal viewing booth, watching the preparations.

"Master Trellis, so good of you to come. Executioner, begin."

One of the guards stepped forward. "This woman before you stands accused and found guilty of treason against the Kingdom, in the form of destroying a critical, military asset."

"Yes, she does doesn't she." Said the Queen, looking at Maximillian. "You no longer have your powers, you no longer can even speak, isn't that right?"

Maximillian ran towards to Queen, pleading for Schala release silently but was held back by a guard.

"You think I wouldn't know Maximillian? You thought this little plan could work, that you and Schala could fool me and run off together? Come clean. Speak and all shall be forgiven, I shall spare her life and you to will remain my guests, working for me as you have always done. Speak, don't you want to save her life?"

Maximillian wanted scream out. He tried and tried but not even a faintest of whispers passed his lips. The Queen raised her hand and Schala was dragged to the chopping block as she cried out for Maximillian to save her, cried of her innocense and pleased for forgiveness.

"Last chance Maximillian. Show me you are still worth keeping."

He screamed and screamed and screamed but the only noise was the thud of the axe and the head that fell into the basket below.

As much as I enjoy your suffering, we must leave now. There is much work to be done.

The voice chuckled in his head. He felt the shiver again and he wept.

The End

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