The Devil with 69 Eyes

The 69 Eyes - Devils


Beneath the world, it dwelt. An infinite expanse of darkness, filled with malice and sickly, sanguine joy at the suffering of mortals. Somewhere in the abyss a light shone out and something stirred, disturbed by this unwelcome intrusion into it's domain.

There, in the dark, a tear in the veil. It shone with the bright white heat of a mortal soul. Eagerly the beast approached and turned it's eyes onto this rift into the mortal world. Something was wrong with this soul, it was bound in powerful forces and yet torn between two bodies. The sheer wrongness of this was delightful to the beast and it realised that this affront to nature was what had opened a door into its domain. Slowly, it licked it's lips and extended it's tendrils through the window of light into the mortals soul.

It yearned to be free and in the infinite time between now and then, it learned much of who this man was and it formulated a plan.

* * *

Maximillian gasped mutely, willing the words to come forth but he was unable to utter a single word. He pulled the cover over the mirror and then he tapped Schala on the shoulder.

Schala turned around, and noticing this, so did the Queen and her guard.

"What happened! What is this!?" The Queen demanded, turning an angry glare upon Schala.

"I-I don't know! This shouldn't have happened! Maximillian, can you tell us what happened?"

Maximillian didn't answer though, he couldn't. The volunteer suddenly began to scream and clawed at his face before suddenly becoming calm. He stood up and stared directly at the Queen.

"A man without fear will come seeking fortune and fame. The gods will care not for your prayers. A pain without injury will comdemn love to the dirt when all hearts forget. Unless these signs are seen and stopped, an unnamed evil will breach the veil."

With that, the volunteer burst into flames before their eyes and dropped down dead, a blackened husk.

Maximillian stood shocked to the core. What had Schala done?

Why, she has brought you face to face with your devils, Maximillian.

The voice echoed in his mind. He shouted silently for an answer. Who are you? What have you done?

Done? I haven't done anything Max. You will however do something for me. You can't deny me, I'm in your head now Max. If you don't obey me when awake, I'll get you in the night.

What do you want?

I want you to fulfill the prophesy your other half annoying warned you about before I could deal with him, Max. I want you to breach the veil.

The End

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