The Murders of Midnight Hallows

The rushing water of the waterfall punched the still crystal clear lake below.  The lush green trees standing tall, their birds singing happily.  The tranquillity of the place deceiving the passer-bys.  Until they reach the intimidating hollow, the whining paths and the whistling wind, whispering warnings of dangers.  Most people ignore them and leave it all behind, but the few that listen and looking into it deeper have an uncertain future in front of them.  One person dared to answer the cries of help, her name was Elizabeth.  That one person uncovered some dark and mysterious secrets of love, hate and murder.  This is the tale of the murders of Midnight Hallows.

            Seventeen years before in the same tranquil place a respectable young man changed and not for the better.  He was a clergy man working for the family firm and had fallen in love with the baker's daughter.  She had long silky blonde hair and bright blue eyes.  It was a perfect match, but she did not love him, but someone else.  She was unhappy and miserable.  She decided to confront him.  They met at the waterfall nearby the village.  There she confessed to him.  He was mad and angry with her.  They argued until sunset when the young man set off home.  The next day the girl was found dead in the river.  Her name was Elizabeth. 

            Our modern day Elizabeth, or Lizzie as she was known,  found although an investigation was launched,  her death was to be thought an accident that she slipped and fell to her icy grave.  Lizzie knew that her death was no accident and decided to look into it more.  She discovered that on the same day the next year another body was found in the icy depths of the water and another the year after and another the next year and the next.  These were no accidents.  This was a mass murderer obsessed with that particular date.   Another investigation was established.  Their main suspect was the clergy man, Edward.  They thought it was him because all the people who died were young women who looked like the first death and his love Elizabeth.

            Four years after Elizabeth's death, Edward was still working for the family firm and hadn't moved on.  He was emotionally troubled, that's why the police ruled him out.  Their other suspect was the farmer's boy Joshua who claimed to be secretly engaged to Elizabeth.  Maybe she wasn't going to marry him so he killed her or then again Edward could have found out and he killed her.  This went on for three more years until on the same date as all the other deaths Edward was found dead.  Later that day they arrested Joshua and sentenced him to death.  Little did they know that he actually committed suicide and that the murders would have stopped even if they didn't arrest Joshua.

            However that was not the end of the story.  A while back Elizabeth stayed with a sick aunty for nine months but Elizabeth's mother was an only child and all of her father's family were dead.  So where was Elizabeth?  Her mother had taken her to a friend's farm.  There she gave birth to a baby girl.  They gave her away to a woman who was unable to have children herself.  Her baby grew up not knowing anything about her or her families past.  The baby girls name?  Elizabeth after her mother or as she was known now, Lizzie.


The End

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