Chapter 1Mature

A story about a group of girls who make it their mission in their twisted minds to kill men. Can our hero stop this group and restore harmony to society?

'So y' name's Johnson, eh?' He barked. Although I had massive temptation to change my name back when I turned 18 some years ago, yes, I kept my name as Johnson. Apart from it bringing on many a bawdy innuendo, I liked my name. It was short, simple and sounded professional (To me at least). I'm 23 now. A lot of people say it's too young to be applying to the police department. I remember my Father saying, 'No that shouldn't be your ambition son. What if you get shot?' and I would always comfort him by saying, 'I'm a big guy now Dad, I can look after myself.' That's the thing with parents isn't it? They're just really afraid to let go of the children that they've cared for after such a long time. It must have been painful for them letting go gradually, not that I don't visit from time to time.

'Y' papers are awful neat. You come from the Capital or sommet' ' His glare was serious and he seemed pretty harsh. At this moment in time I wasn't sure whether this job was for me. But I couldn't turn back. Besides, I wasn't doing this job for him; I was doing it for the people of Fatelle City. I gave a short nod and tried to put on what I thought was a convincingly tough face, as if to show him I wasn't soft like all the other pampered pupils from Uni. Didn't seem to go down to well though. 'Well since you look so good and have such out-staaandin' papers with recommendations from every figure head of every industry of everywhere, maybe you should start on this case,' He snarled. A hint of jealousy by any chance? 'Now as you and your profs should know, this department ain't to cosy with this area.' He pulled out a scrumpled up map from his pocket and pointed to the Capital, where I'd grown up. I nodded swiftly.

The Capital was a large place which meant that everything else was large with it; industry, population, but most critically to my ambitions, crime. Luckily for me, I grew up in the east of town with my nice house and nice family. But on the west side, things weren't so nice, especially not when the mayor decided to revoke benefits from that part of town. It was rumoured that anyone who entered that part of town so much as for a pint of milk would come back out with broken shards of the glass wedged into their eye sockets and liquid pouring out of their ears and nose. 'You ever heard of the shotgun ranks in this city?' He asked. 'I can't say I have,' I replied curtly. He rolled his eyes. 'We have got a fancy here ain't we?' He muttered just loud enough for me to hear. He turned back to me and continued, avoiding my eyes and staring at the map. 'The shotgun ranks is a ranking system for how many murders a criminal can commit. Apparently it's some sort of competition. But recently, all the names have been replaced by those of one organisation called the Murderous Mistress Society. As you can probably guess these are all females and every single one has wiped off their predecessor from the board like a competition, only much more bloody and certainly not kid friendly.'

'As nice as this is to know, what do you want me to do exactly? Join the rankings and try and fight to the top?' I interrupted. I just thought why should I be well mannered to him if he wasn't going to be to me? 'Put simply yeah, that's exactly what I want you to do,' He replied shortly. I think my mouth must have dropped wide open as that was a reply I never expected to hear. 'Don't get me wrong, we don't want you to go round killin' everybody but y' know, with your 101 martial art skills, it should be easy to get 'em to at least surrender right? Then we just lock 'um up and say Ok boys case closed!'

I was a little held back at first as I didn't think that my first assignment could've been that bizarre. But the more I thought about it, the more I thought about my expectations. Maybe I was expecting a walk in the park. Maybe my expectations weren't high enough. Maybe I wasn't ready for this. No, I was ready, I told myself. And with that thought in mind, in nodded my head firmly and shook his hand, regardless of the muck and dirt splashed on it. Talk about fifty shades of brown!

'Ya first target is Rank 10- Violet Hillside. She's twenty two, similar to you, and she works in the PPI Claim centre bordering on the North West. You'll find her there,' He said. 'What about civilians?' I had to ask, remembering my reasons and aims for joining this industry. 'Oh don't worry,' He replied casually, 'That place has been deserted for about a year now. She'll be alone, that's your time to go for it. And by go for it, I don't mean go sleepin' with her like you fancy boys often do with complete strangers.' In addition to this, he handed my a black revolver and a brown belt. ' 'K so you're in, now go an' make your posh school teachers proud!' For some strange reason, I got the impression he wasn't my biggest fan. Great way to start my first day in the business.

The End

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