Chapter 2

I try not to kill Susy. It's unbelievably hard- she has a habit of making people sound like complete idiots when it's the last thing you need.

I take a massive breath.

"You told him. What did you say?"

Her smug look turns indignant.

"I didn't! I didn't even talk to him! I called Miko!So there!"

"So why do you look so smug?" I ignore the warning flash in my head. I don't like Miko. He's a compete moron- and I think he'll just hurt Susy. She's too trusting.

The smug look is back.

"Sammy, Sammy. Where's your trust? I didn't say anything" -her grin grows- "I just asked whether Jak would be able to come" -if her smile grows much more it'll fall off her face- "and Miko said yeah, if a certain soul twin of mine is there."

My face goes hot-I know I'm bright red. I try to act nonchalant.

"So what are we doing tonight?"

I catch her look. She thinks I'm hinting.

"As far as I know, we're having a completely innocent"-she looks at me pointedly- "night in. Watching a movie.Scream."

Shivers run up and down my arms and back.

And I don't know why.

The End

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