The Movie

When a couple of friends meet up to watch a movie they weren't prepared for what happened next....

It was early when I arrived at Susy's. Her parents were at a family gathering.Susy swore blind that exam stress wouldn't let her go, becuse everyone would be asking about how they went, and it would drive her crazy. There is no way that her parents were fooled, but they let her stay as long as she didn't go crazy. A few friends was fine, but not a party.

I didn't mind-party's weren't really  my thing.

I stepped into her house- far wilder and messier than mine, which made it oddly more inviting.

"Who's gonna be here?" I nearly wasn't going to ask. Susy can be really unpredictable.

Her blue eyes blink at me innocently.

"Oh, just a few we know..."

"Oh, like who?" Last time I heard that, she had tried to set me up with this footballer we knew. Who was nice and all, but locking us in a cupboard was just too much....

She grins, knowing what I'm thinking.

"Jak and the Sexy Mojos. If they're still called that. "

Oh christ, only Susy would invite our local band. They're good and all, but they were probably expecting a massive bash-up. But I wasn't too  upset. Jack-or Jak, he prefers that- is super hot. His eyes are this really dark, rich brown like coffee.Since I met him, I've loved coffee.

OH. That's why she's grinning like a Chesire cat.

Because she told him.

The End

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