The Upstairs Corridor

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The kitchen showed little signs of disturbance; although it was obvious that it was a working kitchen, but like the dining and sitting room the room appeared that there hadn’t been any inhabitation for some time. So far the only object to break this trend was the recently used whiskey tumbler. Everything else was neatly put away in their cupboards, the sink was empty and the draining board devoid of recently washed items, the dog basket was neat and recently washed and there were no items in the wash basket. The files in the sitting room were all very tidy, each within their respective box file which in turn was locked with a polished pad lock. The only room that seemed to break the mould was the sitting room, with its candle and whiskey glass being the only signs that people actually lived in this house, and with the storm still howling outside it made little sense that the people would leave for an errand.

Godfrey could not recall seeing the family car, which he remembered from Sunday church as being a green ford escort. But his major concern at the point was to get to shelter and not to check the state of the family car. But the fact that he didn’t notice the car was a comfortable thought, as it helped explain the emptiness of the house. He pondered this thought as he made his way up the carpeted stair case, perhaps the family had left before the rain storm hit on an errand and simply forgot to blow out the candle and clean the whiskey glass. Godfrey had to admit it was plausible as he reached the top of the stairs. The staircase walls were covered with the normal family photographs of the family on holiday and other important moments such as university graduation and such like.

Godfrey’s first reaction was the size of the upstairs hallway. The front hallway must not connect to every room on the ground floor or his sense of size of the first three rooms was being affected by the poor light of his candle or the mild hum of his headache. The upstairs hallway was a straight corridor with six doors on either side, with a large door at the end of the corridor which Godfrey assumed was the master bedroom. The only notable ornament of the upstairs corridor was a humble collection of painted wooden birds that sat in a small display cabinet at the top of the staircase. Although the light was small Godfrey had to admit that the detail on the small sculptures was amazing, and it demonstrated a key understanding of bird antimony. Each carving was a different bird species from ducks to eagles and the painting was subtle yet vibrant to create a very lifelike effect. It was clear that these were the creation of an artisan, but Godfrey couldn’t help but think that these were hand made by someone in the family. Their position in the house and the fact that Godfrey, who was a bit of an avid arts and craft fan had never seen the style of birds before, they bore no clear marks of an artist that Godfrey knew worked in the local area. He made a mental note to consult the Stephens on the birds at a later date, as he wouldn’t mind adding to his fairly considerable collection of local art crafts.

Apart from the birds, there was nothing of note in the upstairs hallway. Each door was oak and seemed fairly heavy built. The carpet was recently vacuumed and the doors seemed to have been scrubbed like the rest of the house. Each door had a simple golden lock, which when Godfrey tried were all securely locked. The forth door on the right however yielded to the Priests attempts, revealing a large and spacious bathroom. The bathroom was tiled in what seemed in the dark light to be a pale pink colour. Next to the toilet the sink stood proud, cleaned and unmarked with a carved sea shell effect that was mirrored on the toilet and bath tub. On one wall a door led into a vast shower unit, which Godfrey estimated could easily hold five people standing at one time, a curious addition for a family home.

Leaving the bathroom and walking down the hall Godfrey suddenly noticed the chill that seemed to grip the house, he never noticed it because of his recent encounter with the rainstorm but the air seemed to be devoid of heat in the entire house. With the electricity out there was obviously no heating but this was a stale cold, a cold that only entered a place that had been undisturbed for a considerable period of time. Godfrey had felt this chill before, it was a chill that infested his mind during the rare bouts of sleep, it was the chill of a forgotten grave and the chill that he felt whenever he kneed before the Cross to pray. To most people the chill would be haunting, but to Godfrey the chill was the feeling of an unkind religious yearning that once consumed his youth, but nowadays was little more than a fuzzy coldness in the back of his mind that surfaced only when he opened his mind and soul to the Cross. Godfrey had lived with his faith long enough not to question it, but the wonder of it had long since left to the degree that he found it surprising that he felt God’s eyes upon him in the upstairs corridor of what seemed to be an empty house.

The End

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