The Vision


The coldness though focussed his mind to the present as he walked towards what he assumed to be the master bedroom. The chill intensified to the point where he half wondered if he was going to get a vision for the first time in sixteen years. It intensified to the point where the candle stick shook from the tremors of his hand as he reached out and gentle tapped on the oaken door.


It was a case of déjà vu, after waiting for several minutes Godfrey tried the door again.

Still Nothing

Godfrey signed under his breath, with shaking hands he reached out to the door handle and turned it to open the door. With each moment the coldness threatened to overwhelm him, the coldness gripped his bones and sent jagged spikes through his mind until Godfrey had to grit his teeth and lean into the door to actually open it.

As he crossed the portal into the unlit master bedroom the coldness exploded in his mind, and for one horrifying second Godfrey could swear he saw the unblinking eye of God, endlessly watching him from behind reality. The vision lasted for a microsecond, almost as if reality suddenly slipped the veil that normally kept the multi-iris eye hidden. But in that instant his senses were overwhelmed by the sight and presence, his sense of self was washed away in an endless stream of light. For an instant, he felt the crushing presence of his maker, an experience that ignited every nerve in his body.

Almost as soon as he saw the eye the coldness ceased and he immediately forgot the details of the eye, just like in his younger years he was left with nothing but a profound sense of wrongness from the vision. It was a dark sense that he had just grasped at a truth that was never meant to be seen by man, a truth so dark that his mind felt the need to hide away the truth of it. All that was left was the horror and the feeling of connection, the feeling that had long ago catapulted him into the Priesthood, a feeling that for many years had been dull.

Godfrey found himself collapsed on the floor of the darkened master bedroom. The candle stick lying on its side nearby, thankfully the flame failed to catch the Lime green carpet alight. For a while Godfrey just laid in the heap, the suddenness of the vision reducing him to a physical and emotional wreck for a few minutes as he found himself releasing all the emotions he had locked up inside of him over the past fifteen years. That brief touch with God reduced him once again to tears of both sorrow and joy, as once again as he tried to fathom the wisdom that the horror passed to him. Just like his previous visions Godfrey always found the aftermath deeply disturbing, as if the connection with God have revealed a truth about the world that his mind refused to even consider. His vision seemed tainted, a subtle shift in his understanding of how the world works.

Slowly, moaning as his body ached from the fall and the vision Godfrey got to his feet. Retrieving the fallen candle stick from where it fell he glared around the room. It was empty, not that surprising seeing as Godfrey just had a fit without anyone seeming to notice. The bed was freshly made, with what seemed in the light to be clean sheets. The bedside tables were tidy, a lamp on each and a small pile of books. Along the walls more pictures hang of the family like the rest of the house. This time however the children were absent, clearly the Stephens used their Bedroom for more personal pictures. Pictures of the couple on holiday and what looked like pictures of when they first met took the central stage. The Stephen’s looked on the outside to be the typical happy couple; their room was Spartan but not totally devoid of personal effects. A vast bookshelf filled with agricultural books; and more interestingly Indian spiritualism dominated the wall next to the door but apart from that and the photos there was nothing of great note. Slightly disappointed but no longer surprised that there was no one in the house, Godfrey decided to retreat to the sitting room and wait for the Stephen’s to get back. Standing in the master bedroom struck Godfrey as terribly rude, plus it brought back dark memories of Godfrey’s past.

With the memory of his most recent vision still burned into his mind Godfrey made his way back down the stairs and into the sitting room. He found himself once again pondering the significance of the vision; there was nothing in the master bedroom that should have caused it. But on a much more disturbing note was the fact that the visions had returned after all these years, which meant only one thing. It was this revelation that disturbed him more than the vision itself; after all compared to the ones he had previously this vision was nothing.

No, the fact he was having visions again meant that the church was wrong about them. Lowing himself into an arm chair he considered the options carefully; either the visions were not, as the church claimed a gift from God but instead were the results of brain damage that Professor Richards had insisted. Or, the visions were religiously linked and the church simply didn’t understand them, because they insisted that after his fall from grace he wouldn’t receive anymore. Or the third option was that the church was right, and that God had a reason to reconnect himself to a defied platform such as Godfrey.

The End

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