Don't Forget Carrots!

At this point our heroes and heroines (+ Stark who was just a bit too annoying to help with anything and just stood around flicking his hair and pouting like all brooding males like to do oh so much) racked their magical brains for a way out of all this mess. 

"Hey, guys! I know what to do!" exclaimed Hairy, but he was swiftly shunned for making the god awful and impossible to escape situation, meanwhile the bomb/melon was ticking away contently, it's evil master plan job of killing off everyone once and for all, which would make the wonderful story less wonderful going along nicely. 

"No, really, I know what to do!" Hairy persisted even though he was a bit hated. "We leave the bomb here, and run away! Then, the bomb/melon with explode with a possibly amazing KABOOM or just a little poof noise." 

And everyone said "Wow, Hairy, you are so amazing and always save the day and have the clever plans, even though you aren't that clever! Lets just call on our magical friends to fly in and save us!"

"But who will fly in and save us?" said a mysterious voice.

"Who are you, mysterious voice-man?" said everyone else.

"Why, I am Jemaine, and I like to sing songs about stuff!" replied the mysterious voice-man, as he stepped out of the chocolatey shadows.

"What is that on your shoulder?" enquired Belle, who really was too blonde to be actually real, which is why she isn't actually real.

"This is my friend Brett. He is more talented than me, but I have a cooler voice and the ability to make anything funny with my amazing deep speak power, so he is really not as famous because he has a normal voice and does not look like a paedophile/strange uncle. Anyway, as I was saying, who will save us all!"

"Why," said Ran, "the magical cartoon creatures from the land of BBC Nornia, a really amazing film with the most groundbreaking special effects including foam and beavers that are bigger than fat children called Lucy."

"OH,  and don't forget Carrots! He has finished making a mess of our wonderful school of Kitchen Craft and Shizzelry by throwing up the contents of Comet, and is now flying i to save us as we speak!"


The End

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