Zoidbergle's Mysterious Bathroom of Despair and Chocolate

A soft glow illuminated the room they were now standing in. It was fairly round with a door leading off on the other end, and the room had sparkling walls. But it wasn't that, that caused everyone to stand still with a look of amazement set on their faces, eyes shining like a little girls on Christmas day.

"CHOCOLATE" Squealed Stark in a very girly voice, which caused Belle to hit her forehead with a look of shame, as he scrambled over to, what looked like, a bath tub set on a platform in the middile of the room (obviously a trap, but don't tell them that, wink). The tub was made out of dark chocolate, with white chocolate taps and milk chocolate feet carved into lion's paws.

It was true, they were standing in a room that looked like one of those display bathrooms, that those cheezy departments tried to sell you, all nice and perfect until you get home a see that bill!! But it was still a bathroom... made out of CHOCOLATE!! (with a toilet and everything!) Herryomin, Hairy, Ran and Belle watched in amazement as Stark climbed the stepsof the platform,

"OMG CHOCOLATE!" Ran said before running off to join Stark, skipping as he went. Herryomin, Hairy and Belle all raised their eyebrows at each other in a way that said 'What a bunch of bozos'.

What they didn't notice was a shadow that slipped into the room hiding itself behind the chocolate toilet (Dun DUN DUN!) Stark and Ran were now on top of the platform, each walking around it making mewing sounds and rubbing their hands greedily. Ran went up to the edge of the tub and took a big bite out of the side, "This is delicious' he said as he spat a load of chocolate on the rest standing below.

"RAN!!!!" they all yelled in unison. Ran glanced up with a look as if to say 'what? me? I didn't do anything'  Herromin gave him the  'if you don't close your mouth and get out of my way, I will kill you' look. Ran gulped down the rest of the chocolate nosily and slinked off the platform to stand on the other side of Hairy, avoiding the still glaring Herryomin.

"Stark don't touch that, it's so obviously a trap." Said Belle (Let's give a round of applause to the bright spark, quick to catch on... But wait there's a twist.)   

Stark just gave a childish look and whined " I'm just looking" pulling off a pout that made him look like a fish. Belle put her hands on her hips and said in her best mothers voice, "You'd better get down here right now... Don't make me go up there and drag you down by your ear." But Stark wasn't listening, he was staring into the bath, peering over the edge.

"Aww, Look a little rubber ducky!" (Ha-ha here's where the twist comes in MUHAHAHA!)

"Stark whatever you do, DO NOT TOUCH THAT DUCK!!" Shouted Herryomin, now running towards Stark and falling over on the first chocolate step of the platform, she reached out her had as she fell face down, in an over dramatic NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stark gave her a dubious look and grinned evilly, reaching out to grab the duck. "What this du-"


A blinding light filled the room as Stark screamed and fell backwards onto the stuggling to get up Herryomin.

"Oof! Get off me you big buffoon" Yelled Herryomin while pushing off Stark. She got up cursing under her breath in a mannor that made the others glad they couldn't hear. She glared at Stark and said.

"Look What You've Gone And Done!"

The End

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