After rescuing a moody looking Stark, Herryomin, Hairy, Ran, Belle, and Stark set off for Zoidbergle's Horrible Cave of Sweet Goodies so Kids Come in.

But, as supected, there were no sweets, solely a very old looking bone, some leaves and a dirty golden claw sitting in the middle of the cave.

"Well, noone's home. Let's Go!" said Ran, and tried to run out of the cave, but instead ran right into Stark.

"Shut up you poor winning lump of flesh! What if you wake this Hermit Crab thing. Why are we here anyways?" asked Stark, leaning up agains the wall of the cave, going for a Grease / I'm-so-cool look, and failing misserably.

"Well," said Herryomine, thrusting another book out of her bag and into her arms, "Accoring to Great Crabs and Creatures of the Horrible World of Pedophile-like animals, Zoidbergle is a large crab, about the size of a monster truck that just ate another monster truck, and he has 17 eyes. He is also very deadly, and hates pear shaped hair clips."

Belle Duck sat down beside Stark, "So . . . what exactly do we have to do?" she asked, scratching her blonde head in a very I'm-stupid-because-I'm-stupid type of way that she often did.

"You do nothing Belle dear," said Stark, leaning down and pecking Belle on the lips, "Just sit tight and look pretty! We'll deal with the bad crab," Stark hissed at a dark tunnel in the cave.

"Oh, my little Vampire!" said Belle playfully punching Stark on the arm, and missing terribly and hitting his nose.

"DAMN!" he screamed, "You're Stupid!"

"I'm so sorry, but if you were a Were-Wolf instead of a Vampire, you would be healed already! You wouldn't still have a broken nose!"

Stark glaredat Belle.

"Can we please keep moving! We have to find Zoidbergle!" said Hairy, trying to take charge again.

"Fine," replied everyone.

They got up and started heading towards the dark little cave the now bleeding Stark had hissed at earlier. Onyl they didn't know, their journey was just beginning!


The End

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