Marley Finds a Mango and Things go Terribly Wrong

"NO MARLEY!" Gurgled The Almighty Queen Of Evil And Deputy Prime Minister Of Moral Dubiousness Jennifer Aniston as Marley her monstrous pet basilisk picked up a huge Umtokitoki Mango, which is grown specifically in the wilds of Ubermanjaro Mountain, "You know what happens when you eat Umtokitoki Mangos from the wilds of Ubermanjaro Mountain!!"

But she was too late. There was a sound like swirling water, and suddenly Marley inflated to twice his size, and, i mean, he's a big dude. Think four and a half buses stacked on top of each other and another four stacked lengthways, and you'd be three quarters to his actual size.

His eyes began to glow a violet/yellow/aubergine, and he bagan to rampage to the exit of The Almighty Queen Of Evil And Deputy Prime Minister Of Moral Dubiousness Jennifer Aniston's Deep Dark Cave.

At that very moment, something jumped from the darkness, but it was only Owen Wilson the half man/ half pig lackey. He was swallowed whole by Marley, who continued to thunder towards the cave entrance.

Then at that very moment, a small grey figure fell from the hole above.

"AARRRGGGH!" It yelled, as it hit the ground, mumbling something very similar to 'My Ballses!'.

It climbed to it's feet, and displayed a glowing Pear.

"Mistress! I broughted you the preciouses!"

Jennifer looked at him for a moment, almost forgetting about Marley... until, well, she remembered.

Then, at that moment, there was another yell, as Belle Duck fell through the hole in the roof, landing on Gollun. And at that very same moment, Herryomin, Hairy and Ran burst through the front hole, launching a fiery bolt of flames at Marley, who flew backwards, regurgitated the Mango and shrunk to his original size, slithering back into the slime below.

"What is this, Piccadily Circus!?" Screamed Jennifer Aniston.

"Hairy! You fool, this is the wrong cave, what about Zoidleberg!?" Yelled Herryomin.

"Sorry, you know i'm no good with Joo Powder!" He retorted.

Belle Duck regained her composure and pulled the Mango from Gollun.

"I'll be having this!" She proclaimed.

"You must be Belle Duck, I'm Herryomin Strangely, this is Ran Woozle and 'Hairy Potter-Bottom, the boy who didn't die but got a horribly disfiguring scar which looks nothing like a lightning bolt', our professor sent us to help you!"

Jennifer Aniston screamed again, raising her tentacle, summoning Marley from the slimy depths, and Owen Wilson's stupid trademark hairstyle.

"They'll be time for introductions later, Herryomin, right now we need to get out of here and get back to my friend!" Belle Duck.

Herryomin nodded, and cast a spell over Jennifer Aniston, which made flower petals fall from above.

"That should slow her down!" She said, heroically.

"No it shouldn't!" Yelled Belle, "It's a load of flower petals, why on Aslon's Earth would you think that would stop them for!?"

Herryomin reared up to retort, but stopped herself as Jennifer, Marley and Owen Wilson's stupid trademark hair lunged towards them.

They all jumped out of the way, and headed for the cave door, with Jennifer Aniston's forces close behind them.

The End

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