The crevice of the evil Lobster Zoidbergle!

Ran, Herryomin, and Hairy ran to the small hut that belonged to their tiny friend, Raghad. He was a pink little puffball that was afraid of everyone and everything. He had forced a silence upon himself, but he couldn't write, so he played charades to communicate.

The three wizards pounded on Raghad's door until he got over his fright and let them in. He gave them very small cups of tea even smaller than a shot glass and mimed "What's wrong?"

"Professor Dumblydoor has sent us on a quest!" Herryomin said excitedly.

"I hope it doesn't involve butterflies!" Ran shivered. He was deathly afraid of butterflies and was always more comfortable when giant spiders were involved.

"I should go alone," Hairy said heroically. "After all, I am the Chosen One."

"No!" Herryomin shouted. "We're in this together!"

Raghad mimed, "Proffesor Dymblydoor told me to tell you to go to the Crevice of the Evil Lobster Zoidbergle. He is the enemy and you must destroy him before he destroys everyone. He's after you especially, Hairy."

"Me?!?" Hairy screamed girlishly.

"Let's bring books to help us!" Herroymin suggested.

"And spiders!" Ran added.

"Let's go find this Evil Lobster Zoidbergle and show him what's for!" Hairy shouted.





The End

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