Sludge Creatures Don't Do Well in Water...

They don't, unfortunately.

In many parts of the world, especially Nornia, the less famous and lion-less twin of Narnia, the Big Fudgy Mudgy Sludge Creature is considered a slimy delicacy. They must be baked, because any sort of liquid causes them to explode. As Stark discovered when he picked his up with wet hands.


The little green monster exploded, covering him in slime and pieces of the creatures previous meal, a hearty fried sunday dinner, with mouldy duck.

"Argh!" Cried Stark, "My jacket, how will i look dark and broody and emotional when i'm covered in slime!?"

"Oh, stop being such a baby!" Said Belle Duck, taking a chunk out of her Sludge Creature. The Pear was tucked securely in her pocket. At least... she thought it was... "Oh no!"

"What?" Asked Stark, flicking off pieces of sludge.

"The Pear! it's gone!" She cried, jumping to her feet and doing that stupid thing of checking frantically the pockets that she knows for sure she didn't put what she was looking for.

"Gone where?" Asked Stark.

"I don't know!"

"I know, let's ask that strange, hunched over creature cradling that strange golden fruit whilst hissing and repeating the same grammatically flawed phrase 'my fruitsees'"

Belle turned to see the creature, who did indeed have the Pear.

"Hey, who do you think you are just stealing my Pear!" She yelled.

   "I am *shh* Gollunn, some sort of Hobblitt, but i'm actually another basically sane creature named Shmeakle!"

"Well, no matter who you are, we need that Pear!" Stark demanded.

"No-zes! NOO!" Gollun replied, and bounded off into the trees.

"After him!" Yelled Belle, and dived into the trees.

Stark thought for a moment, put his jacket back on, sat down on a log and continued to once again look dark and broody and emotional.




The End

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