Three Wizards and a Unicorn called Carrot's who only eats Parsnips

"Ran, Ran, Ran Woozle!" screamed Herryomin as she ran down the corridor in Hogspots Academy of Kitchencraft and Shizzelery. She hopped up and down as she reached Ran. "It's Carrots! He's choking on a parsnip!"

Ran ran out of Hogspots and onto the field of purple and pink grass with pretty green birds who sang the "Thong Song" all day long.

"Carrots!" he shouted as he reached Hairy and Carrots. Carrots was lying on the ground, coughing his lungs out.

"Watch that Plasma screen Tv Ran!" screamed Herryomin as Carrots coughed out a plasma Tv then a DVD player. "Hey! We can finally watch that stupid movie <i>Twidark!<i> It's supposed to be so funny and stupid!" she said as she tried to get the TV and the DVD player hooked up.

Ran shoved his hand down Carrots throat and found a bussing thing. He pulled it out and watched as Carrots magically puked pasnips all over Hairy and whinnyed in delight. Ran looked at the buzzing contramption and opened up the cover.

There are guests coming Mr. Ran. They hold something very dear to our school. Please don't let me down!


Dr. Doubledoor

Ran, Hairy, and Herryomin looked at each other and smiled,


The End

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