The Most Random Thing Ever

This thing came out of nowhere, and will hopefully live up to it's title!

It was a mighty fine day in the town of Cutlery, which has a population of about 410,000 plus a few ducks and is always eerily cold, except at Christmas when the temperature soars to 40 Degrees Celsius.


Stark Muller and Belle Duck are lovebirds, and one of them may be a vampire, i'm not sure which one, so just keep your distance and don't feed them anything after midnight and whatever you do, don't get them wet! And one day, whilst they were lovingly stumbling about the streets, gazing into each others eyes and contemplating the serious flaws of their book series and shamelessly declaring their love for one another and eating Belgian waffles topped with bacon, cheese and a drop of gin.

"I love you Belle Duck," Declares Stark.

"And i you, Stark Muller," She replies, finishing the last of her waffle.

At that very moment, an out of breath Pikachu (who happens to be the town mayor) comes running up to the two.

"Oh, BUZZ, Stark, BUZZ, Belle, BUZZ! It's terrible!," He cries, his stutter which he's apparently had since he was born, and definitely did not develop after Ash heartlessly left him on the side of the road with nothing but a banana and a fishing rod with no line, cutting into every word he said.

"What is it, Pikachu?" Asks Stark.

"This!" Pikachu held out his paw, clutching  a golden pear.

Immediately Stark and Belle understand.

"But that's the Golden Fruit of The King Of Massive Plot Holes and Continuity Errors, the power in that inedible fruit is enough to destroy the world!" Exclaims Belle

"Like, DUH, we all know, why are you explaining it like there's somebody watching everything we do through some sort of literary medium?" Stark said.

"Just making sure everybody was caught up," She said, peeved.

"Well BUZZ we all BUZZ do, so shut BUZZ your yap!"

"Well, we must destroy it!" Stark says, heroically. Belle slaps him across the back of the head.

"Are you an idiot, everybody knows that the only way to destroy the Golden Fruit of The King Of Massive Plot Holes and Continuity Errors is to drop it in the Melted Cheese stream deep in the Chamber of Gossip of Hogspots Academy Of Kitchencraft and Shizzlery  from whence it was forged!"

"BUZZ yes, she's right BUZZ, you BUZZ numbskull!" Pikachu says, mentally disgusted at Stark's lack of knowledge and secretly wants to vomit an thunderbolt him at the same time.

"Well, it's settled, we must journey to Hogspots Academy Of Kitchencraft and Shizzlery and destroy it! Come on Stark, Pikachu!," Belle proclaims.

"I can't BUZZ!" Pikachu replies.

"Why not?" Asks Stark.

"You BUZZ know why!" 

"No, why, Pikachu?" Stark says.

"Because BUZZ, if i leave Cutlery, my police issued BUZZ ankle tag will inject BUZZ me with a special chemical that will BUZZ make my head and left foot explode!"

"Of course! I'd forgotten about that extremely unlikely and overly cruel, violent and stupid punishment that was issued to you after you abducted that chimp from the Zoo downtown while you were high on catnip," Belle says, matter-of-factly.

"It's a dark BUZZ time of my life of which BUZZ i'm not proud of, now, go!"

Stark and Bella nod, take the Pear from Pikachu and set off, completely ignoring the massive bird/dragon thing that could easily fly them there in a few hours but will miraculously appear to fly them back at the end of the story.




The End

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