Moving is kinda like well travellling... haha

this is my Moving, I will get from typing to swans in a matter of words!

Typing, you type on a computer, a computer has google, google has colours, grey is a colour, clouds are grey sometimes, clouds make rain, ducks like rain, ducks are brown, poo is brown, poo comes out a bum, bums are part of the body, the body has a heart, hearts can be broken, you can also brake vases, vases hold flowers, flowers smell nice, nice is cake, cake is food, icing is food, icing is white (usually), snow is white, snow falls from the sky, dead people live in the sky, dead people cannot move, pillows cannot move, pillows have fethers, fethers come from swans, swans have black beaks.

There we go. Got from Typing to flowers to swans.

The End

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