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my mind is leaky.

my invention escape.

they are not supposed to run away, but they get fed up with being unknown.

they get mad when i continue writing stories started, when it isn't about them.

i have a list of titles to write.

i just need the story to go with them.

like the story of a girl that sees visions of the past.

like a girl with premium DNA, from the future.

like a girl that is never forgoton, even when you walk away.

i have tons of names, just need a character to attach it to.

like Krystyl, trying to take over the world.

like cab, a purple carnivorous pacaderm.

i have so many stories started, and i haveno idea where to take them.

like Klymenstra, i have to pick her a new, woman name.

like Seraphena, i have to some how introduce her to Aishlyn.

like Kali, i have to help her pack her bags and run away, cause she is special.

i have a bunch of collaborative going, but some are going up hill.

alphabet stories has a flat tire some where around "F".

aparently, no one has ten good things to post about yourself in Bragging

The End

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