Life as an Elephant Ninja

My life as an Elephant Ninja was a heavy one..... I grew up to be a small elephant, one of the smallest in my tribe. They called me Weerdough.

There was a legend in my tribe, About how only the greatest elephant ninja could reach the stone of gold. The stone of gold made you stronger, have bigger ears that let you fly into the air, and have a longer trunk that made you invisible everytime you folded it up, you just had to find it and touch it with your tail. 

My friends were playing round in the north of Africa one day. Naturally, I went and joined them and saw that they were next to a long, unfamiliar pole. And right at the top was a balloon. However, niether of us elephants could reach it with our trunks and it was also protected by one of the largest birds you might ever find in a desert. My friends and I were surprised it had never died of thirst.

Then, after discussing about it, we decided that the first one to reach the balloon without popping it or getting attacked by the bird could keep the balloon. And that is how I came to be an elephant ninja.

My first attempt in looking for the stone was in the City. I galloped through the houses, looking for something special, till I saw through a window that something was glittering in the house next door. I climed onto the roof and looked down the attic window. YES! I thought, it was so shiny you couldn't even see the shape of it. And it was definitely gold.

Before I had a chance to think about how to get into the house, the roof collapsed and I crashed right on to the bed. Unfortunately, the frame broke, I'm not that fat, am I?

Rapidly, I stepped towards the shining stone and picked it up. It was ........ a gold NECKLACE!!!

No wait, I thought, I don't want a necklace! Then I sat on the floor and began crying. My tears made a chemical reaction with the necklace and then to my surprise, it started to turn into a blob!

I watched, fascinated, and I stopped crying. It was still sort of necklace shaped. I cried more, mostly because it wasn't the golden stone, and because I wanted to see if crying helped.

It did! The golden blob turned rock shaped and I stopped crying. I put the stone on the floor and swished my tail against it. I felt power sweeping through my body. It felt amazing, like I was regenerating.

Suddenly, the door of the room sprang open. A little boy looked at me, stared at me, opened his mouth, and screamed.

"MUMMY! There's an elephant in my room!"

"Don't be silly honey, we did just go to the zoo to look at elephants, maybe you're just remembering what it looked like."

"OK mummy." "MUMMY! There's a hole in my roof!"

"I'm sure your roof is fine sweetheart, mummy will come and check its fine later, okay?"

"Ok mummy." "MUMMY! My bed is dead!"

Jeez, I thought to myself, the little boy just had to snitch, didn't he?

I tried out my powers and smiled at myself when I flew out of the hole in the roof unseen. I flew back to the desert, and on my way, I picked off the balloon on the pole. The bird looked surprised, but it didn't look very sad. It obviously didn't like the responsiblity of looking after a balloon because it immediately flew away as soon as I took it. Maybe it had been expecting me.....

I went back to my tribe with my new balloon. At last!

The next day, I accidentally stood on it.

The End

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