I Wish ......

I wish I ruled the world.

If I did, then things'd be way better around here.

Needless pain, gone.
Poverty, finished.
Injustice, outta here.

If I ruled the world then I'd make all the decisions. I wouldn't let things go wrong, and if they did I'd fix them.

I'd listen to the people, and hear what they had to say.

I'd work for them, not me.

But that doesn't mean things would be fun....

Giant food fight stadium!

Wars fought with paintballs!

Arguments settled with thumb wars!

And if anyone cheated, they would be strung up by their ankles and tickled whilst being painted with a wet fish!

And most of all......


When I rule the world, thing'll change around here...

Mwua ha ha ha ha!

The End

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