The Most Amazing Story In The World

If you're looking over my shoulder and reading this, I'm afraid that I have to say that you (unless you are a teacher, in which case I apologise profusely for lack of attentiveness to my work ) are being an insolent busybody and had better go back to whatever it is that you idiots do instead of reading this. If you're reading this because you've just happened to come across it in a non intrusive way such as my deciding to show it to you, then well I guess that I should probably ask you to enjoy this. Alright, I'm pretty sure that nobody who I don't want reading this will still be reading at this point (and If they are I would begin to wonder what in the name of Elmo's crayon is wrong with their sense of decorum) so we'd best be getting on with the story before my rambling begins to bore you to death. I assure you, that this story is one that will chill your spine, break your heart, and alter your mind. What is this story, you ask? Well, my friend, I have no idea, I'll just leave the rest up to you and get back to my civics project before my teacher sends me down to the office...again.

The End

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