Explain YourselvesMature

Act 9 

(Greg stirs) 

Greg: What, what's happening? 

(He is chained to the floor unable to move, in front of him are a mass of cages, each one contains several students he recognizes them…) 

Greg: GEORGE! 


Greg: What's going on!? Tell me… 

Ethan: Allow me to explain all. 

(Greg looks around Mr Redwood and Miss Noel stand by their van, The Headmaster is speaking into a lone Camera and he has a fully loaded pistol in his hand, the Black Crest students stand in a circular crowd around the scene looking excited about something, the whole scene is taking place just outside of the ruins of White View). 

Greg: You- you liar, you said you wouldn't hurt me.

Ethan: You just needed to be contained Greg, don't worry we'll let you go again once the executions are finished. 

Greg: Executions? Wait my friends in the cages? You're… NO!   

Ethan: That's right Gregory, all of them; every single one of your pitiful White View Classmates will suffer a horrible death at the hands of the Headmaster. Now that we have “Him” our mission is complete. 

George: “HIM!” I thought the headmaster was talking about Greg.


(The Headmaster, and Mr Redwood, and Miss Noel approach) 

Headmaster: So Gregory Samuel Winters, we meet at last. I heard you prefer the name Greg though. 

Greg: You sick bastard, you ain't killin' my friends. 

Headmaster (chuckles): I believe I am, starting with a certain somebody. Bring her forward and Miss Noel explain it all to Greg, he needs to understand of course. 

Miss Noel: Oh Gregory it was me and Mr Redwood who were the “They” Ethan told you about, we worked at Black Crest not too long ago actually and we came across the oddball group of Year 7 nerds. They were forced into the basement but we cared for them and when we finally left for White View, we promised we would come back and save them, one day, even if it took years we would return. They stayed there nerdy selves and now they have the reward! 

Greg: So y'all used to teach at Black Crest? 

Miss Noel: Yes, it was a terrible school. I mean the standard of uniforms... 

Greg: And You Ethan, you trusted a promise made by these two and kept like that FOR FIVE YEARS!?

Ethan: Shows my loyalty, a feature which I am proud. 

Miss Noel: It was I who knocked you out near to Mr Redwood's office, and then Mr Redwood here got you locked in the van with the nerds, there you would be safe. 

Greg: Why me though? 

Mr Redwood: Why- you,- simple- you're- different- you- defied- the- chavs- and- lived,- you- were- a- shining- beacon- for- all- nerds- everywhere. 

Ethan: See when you did all that with the Pink car, bus thingy, that I heard about from the school above, people were enraged, the Black Crestor's wanted revenge they wanted bloodshed. 

Miss Noel: We sensed an attack too, so we contacted the head of Black Crest school. 

Headmaster: And we came to a deal which makes everyone happy. 

Greg: What was the damn deal! 

Headmaster: Simple, Miss Noel and Mr Redwood had already returned to the nerds, and packed them in the van, I was fine with this, the nerds could disappear for all I cared, and so could you, you were wanted, and Miss Noel and Mr Redwood begged to keep you alive, and finally I gave in. 

Greg: Why me? 

Mr Redwood: Why you? The answer is obvious you Gregory are a beacon of hope like we just said; no nerd society could be complete without you. 

Greg: Oh no... don't tell me, you agreed to let the Black Crestor's destroy the school and get there bloodshed and power! Just so you can save a handful of nerds and then drive off into the sunset and live a happy life on some tropical island which is chav free. 

Miss Noel: Well done Greg, that's exactly what we wanted. 

Greg: You worse than Shaz! 

Miss Noel: No we are not, we are a lot cleverer, she was alone and rogue, we are organized. 

Mr Redwood: And-we-are… (He and Miss Noel kiss) 

Mr Redwood: Together… 

Chantelle: (Shouting from Cage): I KNEW IT! 

George: Hang on, you two (points to Mr Redwood and Miss Noel) travelled with us the whole way, and avoided the Black Crestor's with us. 

Mr Redwood: I- and- Miss- Noel- were- never- in- any- real- danger- the- headmaster- gave- them- orders- to- kill-and- imprison- anyone- else.- But- not- us,- we -were- vital- to- the- deal. 

Miss Noel: Our purpose in the group was to trick and mislead a Mrs Conrad Aldington to the car park as having her around the school loose, we would never catch or defeat her, so we mislead her put her off guard and then WHAM! The plan fell into place. We also had to try and gather up as many naïve students as possible who just happened to be wondering around and look who we found, Greg's class. 

George: Wait if you were tricking us the whole time and misleading us, why not just knock us out down the sewer or strike us all when we were asleep? Why try and lead us all, to the van and then strike? 

Mr Redwood- Yes- many- of- you- died- and- were- imprisoned- on- the- journey- liked- we- hoped, -but- we -also- had- to- get- to- the- van- so- we-could- drive- off- when- the- deal- was- done,- plus- it- made- the- whole- scenario- believable-and- striking- at- the end, -when- I- knew- there- would- be- few- people- left- and- they- would- be- weary- and- few- in- number- seemed- like- the- perfect- way- to- capture- you- all. - The- only times- we- were- ever- in- danger,- was- well- Miss- Ougar- and- Mr- Masterbate. 

Mrs Conrad: Now everyone has been caught, and were all going to be executed. 

Headmaster: Very true, you see if we kill you all, Greg has no friends to go back too, then like your deaths which will be televised we will watch him, as a broken sobbing mess, be driven away from Mortdale. Nerds will no longer set foot in this town, Chavs will rule, Black Crest, my school has the power, the people of Mortdale and the world will watch as the beacon of hope is removed from Mortdale never to step foot here again. 


Miss Noel: See Greg this is why we told Ethan not to tell you anything, you only go and overact, but killing yourself we will not allow to happen Greg, we have “Him” and once he dies… 

George: I'm “him” Greg I know it. 

Headmaster: That's not the case, as vital as your “Friend” here is of making you break down when he dies, the real “Him” is here with the “Others” who are the your friends and peers. 

(Greg turns to “Him” in his cage and is shocked to see…) 

Greg: DANIEL! 

Daz: Greg! 

George: So his chavvy cousin is going to be the death that affects Greg most, yeah that makes sense *Note the Sarcasm*     

Headmaster: Not by tears but by law, once this disgrace to a chav is dead, I mean he dated a Countess, Ugh, anyway once he is dead, Greg's guardian, will be officially changed to Miss Noel and Mr Redwood and then not only is it against the chav law for Greg to come back here, it is against the common law! Ha! The Police, oh my pupils have been adapt at keeping them away from this school, they could come in useful one day. 

Greg: So that’s it then. Once Daniel's dead, I can't come back here, by law I have to be with these two. 

Headmaster: Yes great plan ain't it Greg? Now I think they're has been too much talk and not enough executions. 

The End

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