Calling the PoliceMature

Act 6  

Greg: I'm sorry but what…?

Ethan: You heard us correctly Greg, we are the Black Crest Nerds.

Greg: Liars! You can't exist you just can't! 

Ethan: I suppose you have heard about Black Crest's reputation then?

Greg: Heard and seen it, but what… how can you nerds survive at the school like that?

Veronica: It is not easy.

Ethan: To but it basically we live, well lived, in the basement of the school. Stealing food from above to keep ourselves alive. 

Greg: Why suffer and hide like that? Why not just mess up your uniforms and act like Chavs?

Ethan: Greg we had an honour to uphold, they promised us years ago. 

Greg: Who promised you? 

Ethan: I cannot say, I know one thing though they are coming back and coming for us, and now our years of imprisonment will be rewarded, we stood true to ourselves, and now we are about to get the reward.  

Greg: But why am I here? I'm not a Black Crest nerd. 

Ethan: Gregory your coming with us and you'll love it… 


Headmaster: Do you have “Him”?

Black Crest Boy: Yes sir. 

Headmaster: He's locked up I presume?

Black Crest Boy: Yes sir.

Headmaster: Good let's find the rest shall we?

Black Crest Boy: Yes sir.

Headmaster (Mr Burns' voice): Excellent…

(Cut back to the vent) 

Mrs Conrad: Oh this is bleeding terrific! It's been four hours since school ended. 

Miss Noel: It's been that long!? Oh my! Our uniforms are going to ruined! 

Jack: Yeah, I need to look good at the trail later… 

Rhys: You still seriously think that's going to happen?

Jack: Yes, against all the people have threatened me today.

Sarah: This is mundane... Jack just let it drop.

(Florence and Jack gasp) 

Florence: Thy art case not be dropped! It is of vital importance! 

Asif: ASIF! So what?! Our lives are more important right now. I want to see my family again… 

Lucy: Thinking about it, our families at home will be worried.

 George: I wonder what they're doing? Our families I mean they'll be worried were not home yet. 

Mr Redwood- A School- under- siege- no- doubt- the- Black- Crest's-are- keeping- the police- and- families- away- it,- will- take- ages- for- order- to- be- restored. 

Mrs Conrad: Our only hope is that we can get the proper police from a dignified place or even abroad if it gets that bad,to stop the executions and continue to live our lives.

(Meanwhile Outside the school) 

BBC NEWS Reporter: And were live here In Mortdale, a scene of a school under siege horrific images show just what happened. 

BBC VOICEOVER: White View School and Black Crest school have been rivals for years but early today the a gang of large Black Crestor's believe to have been led by their headmaster. Were believed to have attacked White View leading to devastating explosions which destroyed the school. Survivors of the incident are believed to have been caged for reasons unknown. 

BBC NEWS WOMAN ON SOFA: Horrific scenario seen there, we have tweets all across the country regarding the shock incident, so Suzanne what's going on back In Mortdale?

Suzanne:  Well here I am Mortdale; the police have set up a barricade 3 miles from the school, behind me we can see the clearly anxious families of students waiting by the barricade, so far the police have been unable to control the situation, aerial shots here show the destroyed school… 

(Alabama USA, Police Station, in the waiting room a dozen police officers are watching the news reports) 

Suzanne: …so far the police have been unable to control the situation, aerial shots here show the destroyed school, just grisly images coming in… 

Sheriff: Man those police in England need a backbone, the service here would have sorted that a long rootin' tootin' time ago! 

Another Police Officer: It's horrible, that's a school rivalry gone to greatest extreme's my son was talking about it, been trendin' on that twitter site all day. 

Sheriff: Horrid business, yeah just horrid. 

(Just then Police Officer 1 and 2 enter)        

Sheriff: Bout time mama and papa got out the closet, suppose you two have been getting it on again. 

Police Officer 1: Ha, Sheriff you hilarious *note the sarcasm* what's everyone staring at the news for, someone famous die?

Sheriff: Nah just some school in England being attacked by another, school rivalry at its worst, been big news for quite a while now.  

Police Officer 2: Well our experience of England was that it was a vile place, all right; in fact that school looks familiar, hang on a minute OH MY GAWD! 

Police Officer 1: What?


Police Officer 1: That's right… Oh in name of high heavens…  

Police Officer 2: We have to go back, to check on Greg! 

Sheriff: That the Kid who lost his family who you had too break the news too?

Police Officer 2: That's him. 

Police Officer 1: Can we just stay here? We just got back. 

Police Officer 2: No time, let's go! 

Police Officer 1: Oh God what is wrong with that town? 

The End

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