Act 2

(He meets his friend George on the street corner) 

Greg: So George ready to jump through the treetops… 

(He stops George is wearing a different uniform) 


George: Don't be daft you idiot. 

Greg: Then why…?

George: I'm in disguise dumbass.

 Greg: Err, disguise from Chavs?

George: Yes, what else?

Greg: But y'all wearing a uniform, I know it's scruffy but… 

(George Glares at him) 

Greg: … it's still a uniform.

George: Greg we cannot hop from tree to tree forever. 

Greg: We did it for three days, not counting my third day here because of my crutches… 

George: Never mind that, the time has come to teach you the next step, because I'm tired of hopping though the tree's, so put this uniform on. 

(The basic Uniform, blazer, t- shirt and trousers are the same colour and texture as the White View uniforms but the crest of the school is different and the tie is blue and black striped not red and black) 

Greg: And this is…?

George: Greg, so much you don't know. 

Greg: You said mere days ago that I wasn't ready for disguise.  

George: And mere days ago you weren't on the top of a pink bus, belting out cheesy hits, and then surviving a stab wound, and then earn respect from this community from doing all that, Greg I think you are ready for this. 

Greg: Okay but can you explain to me what in great state of Texas this uniform is?

George: What you're wearing is a Black Crest Uniform, I managed steal a few of them in year 7 so I could disguise myself and my brothers. And the chavs just let you pass. 

Greg: Seriously like that *note the sarcasm* 

George: Greg stop giving me that look, and yes Black Crest is White View's Rival school because were close to each other. 

Greg: (sniggering) White View… Black Crest what's next Green wood? OH MY GOD WHAT A PAIR OF FUCKIN' GENERIC NAMES!

(George is glaring at him, Greg stops sniggering) 

George: Greg keep your voice down…stop laughing… and for the record there is a Greenwood school around here.

Greg: Seriously? 

George: Yes… don't see a lot of Green Wood's around though… not as close to us Black Crest is and nowhere near as intense as the school rivalry between us and Black Crest.

 Greg: Okay so you're rivals explains more. 

George: I know you may think that White View is the worst and most chaviest school around, but in the eyes of the locals were thought of as posh. 

Greg: Wait a nanosecond…



Greg: This blazer says this boy was from White View… 

Daz: Oh that posh school, oh well it's nearby all you have to do is walk through Mortdale Park and you're there.

 *End Flashback*  

Greg: So y'all telling me the likes of Aaron, Cairon, Chantelle, Charmaine, and even Chelsea are considered… 

George: Black Crest makes Aaron look witty, Cairon look like a stick figure, Chantelle look classy, Charmaine look polite, and make Chelsea look… mildly intelligent…  

Greg: I don't believe it.

George: Don't then, try and go have a look, but you'll never make it back. No one ever does. 

Greg: Then how do you know what's it like?

George: Because the Crestor Chavs or crew as they like to call themselves, come to us, and wearing a White View uniform is practically like wearing a banner saying "COME ON AND GET ME, SCREAM ABUSE AT ME, AND KILL ME IF YOU WANT!"

Greg: Why is Black Crest such a dangerous topic all of a sudden? 

George: Because they break up this Friday for the Christmas Holidays. 


(A crowd walks past) 

Random Slag in the Crowd: I know right!  

(The crowd walks off) 

George: I know it may sound shocking, but school terms are short for such an underperforming school.

Greg: Okay warning taken, now let's get our hides to school partner. 

(Chavs and Black Crestor’s stumble though park) 

Greg: How in the holy trinity can they not see us? 

George: This disguise is the bomb, just keep walking, head down and look depressed. 

Greg: But won't they recognize were not from their school?

George: Like I said Black Crest students make Chelsea look mildly intelligent, they'll never know.   

(They walk on in silence for a little while, Greg tries to lighten the mood with a few jokes, with which George harshly tells him to shut up and keep his head down, Greg is stung by this and the silence progresses untill...)

Greg: Hey George!

George: What! 

Greg: Well I just thinkin' maybe if you wanted to hang out this weekend… 

George: Oh were past the park, come on Greg you can take that Black Crest Uniform off now, and put on your White View on, I wear mine beneath, sorry what were you saying?

Greg (Bitterly): Doesn't matter.

(They enter school)  

Greg: So we have Miss Lofty for tutor? 

George: Those lessons are a bore, tutor, colour in little squares, discuss why we shouldn't take drugs when half the class are already high, and then listen to her rabble on about sheep as usual…  

(Bell rings) 

Greg: Let's go then… another day… another lesson… 

The End

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