5 daysMature

Greg Winters, has successfully managed to frame his parents killer. and against all odds is managing to settle into the town of "Mortdale" his mere presence in the town, is causing change for the better.
However not everyone is happy with the change Greg is bringing and complex plans are already at work to ensure "Peace" is nothing but a long lost memory.

Act 1

(Friday the 16th of November, 5 days since Greg’s arrival in town)  

Greg: Day 5, oh was it merely five days ago I arrived in this hellhole. 


Greg: Oh this will be good. *Note the Sarcasm* 

(Gets Downstairs, there is no breakfast)

Greg: What? where…?

(Baz Appears) 

Baz: Sorry Bab, I was starving so I thought I'd take a little nibble out of your food. 

Greg: Yeah that's fine (Thinking) to bad your idea of a nibble is a three course meal. 

Daz: (Entering) Well Greg you better be off to school. 

Greg: Thanks, Daniel. 

Baz: Why don't you call each other Daz and Graz?

Daz: Baz we have spoken about this, me and Greg have, err.... increased respect for each other and nicknames like that… oh fuck I can't say anymore. 

Baz: Oh I see you're growing on him.

Daz: What no, err shut up- Barbara! 

(Baz Gasps) 

Baz: No one has ever called me that!

Daz: Well maybe you should…!

(They argue, Greg silently leaves)  

Greg (Thinking): Well life has improved slightly Daniel shows me more respect, and Baz may be a human food bulldozer but at least she ain't no Shaz, and of course the situation with Shaz died down within a day and everything went back to normal, I was allowed off my crutches and the chavs resumed their hatred of nerds so the natural balance and normal life continues.   

The End

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