Making Amends.Mature

Act 7

(Elliot is last to reach the surface, with his star) 


(Out of 50)

1st Gordon-  45 

2nd David- 42 

3rd Kyle-40 

4th Leanne-39 

5th Imogen- 36 

6th Greg- 30 

7th Bastian- 25 

8th Boston- 20 

9th Danny-10 

10th Elliot- 5 

(Claire, Timmy, Dave, Natasha and Harold are dead)

Overall Leader board.

1st Kyle-126

2nd Leanne- 125

3rd Gordon- 116

4th Greg- 110

5th Imogen- 103   

6th  Bastian-  101

7th David- 89

8th Elliot- 75  

9th Danny-38      

10th Boston- 38    

Kyle: At the top where I belong… 

Leanne: One point behind, how sad is that?


Naz: What the fuck Greg? you've fallen a place.

Daz: How disappointing.

Greg: Seriously you guys?

Mrs Conrad: 5th seems okay, but I want first.

Imogen: Thanks so much, my rise in the leader-board, seems to have cheered you up I see.

Bastian: Oh well, 6th is adequate… 

David: Highest ranking Mortdale secondary Schooler! But still seventh!

Boston: Still you ay 10th.

David: Guess not, I could be you then mate, then life would be shit.

Boston: Yeah well I could be you, with your big ass head...

Danny: You two, need to get over your fucking big egos for a start. 

Boston: Word hypocrite ring a bell with you? 

Danny: Shut your fucking mouth Boston, I'm here to win, end of discussion.

Head of Mortdale Secondary School: You tell them my boy Danny, show your lethal nature it's what you need to win.

Danny: Yeah... thanks Dad I guess I will.

Boston (as the head walks away and mocking Danny): Thanks dad I will (he and David laugh as Danny glares openly at them) 

Danny: I fucking dare you.

David: Or? Go on then, Danny boy, get ya dad on us, just because your old man is the fucking head, doe mean you get every fucking right under the sun. Rather than be safe like him you make enemies with everyone ya meet. 

Danny: Wouldn't want it any other way.

Boston:  You're just a fucking asshole y'aknow? You ay even bothering to work with us.

Danny: I ain't a team player,Boston, surely you know that? Or does that  take a minute to process through your brain... oh yeah you don't have one (Boston glares at Danny) still I do, and that's why I'm going to win, so I don't have to waste any more time talking to you brain dead retards. 

Elliot (interrupting him) : 8th, heck I'm failing.

Danny: Yeah but you ain't joint last with… well… him! (Points at Boston) 

Boston: Thanks a bunch Danny! School teams sticking together my arse!

Danny: I don’t give a shit what you think!  Yeah you and David think you've got this is in bag, but I'm the dark horse here, like I said, I've got this 20 million quid in the bag. you all just don't know it yet.

Suzanne: And so ends another challenge, the 4th will occur this Wednesday, at Mortdale Secondary school.

Random Slag in the Crowd: TASK WAS BRILL! 

Suzanne: So we will reporting from there live… 

Lucy: Well another challenge ends, (as Imogen walks up to her) well done Imogen! 

Imogen: Is this your attempt to be-friend me again?

Lucy: Well what else would it be? 

Imogen: What did you expect? I'd automatically forgive you after 5 seconds of conversation?

Lucy: Ermm… yeah please I haven't got anyone else. (begins to pout to look cute and helpless)  

Imogen: (Giving in and smirking) Oh alright then what the hell, your daft, sensitive and meek, but that's the best you’ll get around these parts, oh and drop the duck face pet, it makes you look retarded. 

Lucy: Okay then, I'm glad to have you back! I'm sorry for how I acted before. 

Imogen: Not me you should be apologising too… 

(Lucy goes to Dean and Elliot) 

Elliot: I don't want to talk to you, my girlfriend just died you know... THE ONE I LOST MY VIRGINITY TOO! SO NO I DON'T WANT… 

Lucy: Can we be friends? 

Elliot: … YOUR… what did you say? 

Lucy: Friends, you know it isn't going to work romantically, so let's just be a boy and girl who can be friends. 

Elliot: Yeah like that will happen? 


(He does) 

Lucy: And you Dean (he stops too) I know I've been a shitty excuse of a person lately, but if I get into a relationship I'm a whore, if I don’t I'm a cold-hearted bitch who friend-zones her lovers. So you know what? say what the fuck you want about me, but don't for a second try to deny that I least tried to be-friend you once again. 

(Everyone awaits some sort of response) 

Lucy: I had to get that off my chest.

Elliot: (Still in shock over outburst): Well, Lucy damn, I never seen you fly off the handle like that. But I suppose you have a point, we can be civil at least. 

Dean: Yeah I agree (The three laugh as a reminder of old times at Dean’s behaviour) 

Charmaine: What the fuck is going on between Elliot and Lucy? 

Sanjay: A platonic relationship.

 Aaron: It’s called Friend-zoning.

Chantelle: What the fuck is wrong with everyone lately? Gingers on rebellion, Lucy not begging for boys to follow her around, Elliot actually getting a big role, and the chav's being undermined by that! (Points at Greg) 

Greg: That has a name.

Bastian: Damn right he does, Greg Winters I don't know how to thank you enough you saved my life.

Greg: Well buddy. let's just watch each others backs. 

(People begin to leave) 

George: GREG! 

Greg: George, what are you doing…? 

George: Greg, wanna hang out then, discuss the challenge?

Greg: Sorry, I'm with going out with Bastian later… 

George: No listen am I... boring?

Greg: What? Course not.

(George raises an eyebrow) 

Greg: Okay you can be, but why on earth has this popped up now? 

George: no reason, just curious that's all, tell you what. I'll come with you two. 

Bastian: The more the merrier.

Mrs Conrad: Ugh, too much pathetic teenage drama going on for my liking, I want some action.

Imogen: Considering people are dying in these challenges, you don’t seem the least bit bothered mother.

Mrs Conrad: I know, absolutely pitiful. I wonder who funded this contest, it's the only entertaining thing going on right now.

Imogen: Yes I wonder who, I might go and congratulate them.

Mrs Conrad: Me too.

Imogen: I was being sarky...

(They all leave) 

(Tuesday 1st December) 

Greg (checking calendar):  Well slap me silly and pour acid over my head, it's been a whole month exactly since my house burnt down, it feels like years.

Daz: Better get prepared for tomorrow's task.

Naz: Yeah want you to bring back all that mon… I mean err pride… 

Greg: You keep saying Mon… before everything, what  is that meant to mean? 

Naz: Err Monopoly… it's my favourite board game.

Greg: Right you wouldn't be betting more money on me would you?

Naz: Nah, of course not.

Greg: Well I'm going out… 

(Leaves the house)   


Bastian: Took you long enough, What do you plan to do today then?

Greg: Well this tournament gets us time of school right? let's have fun with that… 

(Later Bastian and Greg are playing piss of the chav and clambering in trees and laughing at them from below) 

Greg: I know I shouldn't be reckless, but this is too fun! 

Bastian: Tell me about it.



Gordon: Yeah, err WE WILL FUCK YOU UP FAM A LAM! 

(George is watching from nearby he sighs) 

George (thinking): I remember when I used to do that, damn that Bastian, last night all it was Greg and Bastian it was if I didn't exist… 

Imogen: So feeling left out? 

George: AH! What the...? Where did you come from? 

Imogen: Behind you.

George: Isn't your mum meant to be training you?   

Imogen: I have deemed "a helpless cause" after an argument with her, so now I'm free from her, me and Lucy are playing Spot the slag, wanna join in.

(Lucy approaches) 

George: No.

Lucy: George, I know you and Greg get on real well and all, but you need to give him space, it's what true friends do for each other.

George: I dunno, maybe your right.

Imogen: Of course she's right, now snap out of it! Leave Greg and join me, once he realises you have other friends he'll hang around with you more, no offence but you coming across as kind of clingy.  

George: Guess you're right. I mean at first I acted like an instructor to him, because I thought what's the point? He'll die like the other newbies, but he survived and became a good mate...

Imogen: Look I'm having a sleepover and almost everyone is invited,  time for you to mingle with others.

Lucy: Yeah come on George, and playing spot the slag will be easy, all we have to do is look for Chantelle… 

(The three of them laugh) 

George: Oh all right then, cheers you two.

(He goes with them) 

Lucy: (thinking): What the hell did I just do? I should have just patted him on the shoulder and consoled him and then he would have snogged me, but still (pulls out How to get a boyfriend who will become your husband… for dummies”) the speech from in here really helped. Now all I have to do, is wait 6 months to a year and George will kiss me for the first time! 

George: Look at her! (Points to a 15 year old girl with a buggy) I've spotted a slag I get a point! 

(The "Slag" approaches George) 

Girl: Excuse me but I was raped when I was 14, and fell pregnant with my son here. I do my best to look after him.

George: Oh.

Girl: Yeah oh, don't judge me, it's been hard.

(She leaves the trio, at this point George is feeling terrible about himself)

George: This is why I'm better off as a loner.

Imogen: That was too funny though...

Lucy: Aww, come here George, you didn't know, it will get better, trust me.  


Richard (from distance): GET UP'S FOURTH TASKS IS ON'S I'M SO EXICTEDES! 

Wilhelmina: I swear to God, are you using a loudspeaker for this? 

Mrs Conrad: Why are still in this script? you were eliminated in the second task, get out. 

Wilhelmina: No, I'm here to question the logic of it all and I cannot poof out of existence, it's physically impossible. 

Mrs Conrad: So is Chelsea, yet in Mortdale Logic is irrelevant, hence your role to remind us every ten seconds is also irrelevant. 

Wilhelmina: You'll find it isn't, I may become very important down the line.

Mrs Conrad: You won't get to finish your line, if don't stop screaming at me from across the town.

(Wilhelmina is smart enough to stay silent)

Naz: Come on up! Task number four is nearing your door.

Greg: Hark at the poetry.

(Gets out of bed, goes downstairs and past Lake) 

Daz: Ready? 

Greg: No, but do I have a choice?

Naz: Nah, how else would you get all that pride and money… well pride for me…? (Hastily) I mean us as a family… 

Greg: Alrighty then. 

Daz: Give em hell Greg! And win! 

Greg: Yeah sure… 

(Greg goes out) 

Bastian: Gregory, did you know in the average lifetime you will swallow three spiders when you sleep… 

Greg: Florence is in trouble then, stll Why did you tell me that?

Bastian: You look tired. Hence the lack of sleep, did you sallow a spider.

 Greg: No, but I'm feeling tired.

Bastian: My parents are worried about me, they just keep on worrying.

Greg (Harry Potter style): My parents are dead.

(Mrs Conrad appears) 

Mrs Conrad: Oh what a pathetic sob story, actually sob stories, great for the audience… IMOGEN! 

(The boss ass bitch's minion trudges behind her) 

Imogen: Yes mother?

Mrs Conrad: Imogen your father is dead and your Nan has terminal cancer, and you are diabetic.

Imogen: But dad's alive, Nan is fine and I'm in a perfectly healthy condition.

Mrs Conrad: yes for now.

Imogen: Mum that angle won't work.

Greg (to Bastian): It's been a month since my parents died.

Mrs Conrad: Do you not see Imogen? He can milk a good sob story.

Greg: It's true though! 

Mrs Conrad: Is it? your been here for over 20 days? 

Greg: Yeah.

Mrs Conrad: God, it's felt like years. 

Greg: I can say the same. 

(They walk, Elliot and Gordon join them, and Bastian leaves to travel with the Greenwood gang.) 

Gordon: So where is Mortdale Secondary school?

Elliot: The one next to Black Crest.

Greg: Well Black Crest ain't hard to miss, oh yeah,this is the one time we’ll get to go near it and in it.

Imogen: That also means the final two challenges, will be much worse. 

The End

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