Act 3

(At Mortdale hospital) 

Lucy: George! George! George Admin! Is he alive is he...?

Doctor: His family just left, yes his alive.

(Lucy and Greg breath sighs of relief)

Greg: Thank you Jesus.

 Dean: Yeah Thanks Jesus.

Lucy: Can we see him? 

Doctor: Yes of course, be careful though he is still in need of rest.

(They are led to George's room, the three of them enter; George is on a bed sitting up on there is a large bandage on his stomach) 

Greg: Hey how you doin' bud?

George: Fine… fuck… never been stabbed or shot before it friggin hurts… 

Lucy: Will you live through this?

George: What? Course I will, not getting rid of me that easily.

Dean: Shoot.

Greg: What?

Dean: Shoo! There's a fly in my face!

Lucy: There's always a lot of flies round you.

Dean: Yeah tell me about it.

George: Still, I have a bit of internal damage but it should heal. Unfortunately that may take quite a few days, so I'm stuck here for a while. 

Dean: Did you hear,who got selected?

George: Yeah Andrew and Richard told me, so Greg I knew you'd be in… Imogen could be a challenge. Gordon can run fast but has no real muscle, Asif is intelligent and Elliot may have hidden abilities.

Greg: And that’s just the four from our school.

George: The rest could be lethal, Greg be careful.

Greg: Even if I tried George, that won't be the case.

(Later at Mortdale Prison) 

(Greg bursts in) 

Receptionist: NOW WHAT DO YOU WANT!?


Receptionist: OKAY DON'T KILL ME! 

(Greg is taken to Frank) 

Frank: Hello Greg.


Frank: Doesn't it take you at least a couple of days to figure this evil plot out?

Greg: I'm gettin' better at figuring out how you scumbags work.

Frank: Well I can confirm it was me, my star Pupil Kyle was selected, he smuggled the phone to me, and I hired the hit man to shoot whoever was first selected and then… well I knew you'd volunteer or else my Crestor Crew will have killed whoever was selected. But being Greg and being noble you had to save a life right? 

Greg: You shot George, he didn't die, and I will make sure no one else does either your Crestor Crew won't their a stinkin' fingers on nobody!

Frank: Gregory, of course they will,  seeing as I am locked up I can't do a thing, but my selected pupils were allowed at to “Redeem” themselves. They are very good at playing dumb, my bunch, but I have also trained them, they are lethal killing machines, you think the likes of Ethan were bad? They were just the nerds! Ha! Greg you will die in this tournament, my plan is genius.   

Greg: I'll fight this is not over yet.

(turns to leave) 

Frank: It will be… on Wednesday 

(Back at home, Greg walks in) 

Daz: Oh yam back?

Greg: As you can clearly see.

Daz: Well Greg say hullo to me new girlfriend Naz.

Naz: Alrite babe how am yow? 

Greg: Naz is short for what? 

Naz: Nadia, but say that out loud. Jesus it's embarrassing! 

Greg: Right, I guess you heard Daniel. 

Daz: Course Greg you're gonna win! 

Naz: I work...

Greg: You work!?

Naz (ignoring him) the local betting store and you're in 6th place to win.

Greg: Wait why 6th? 

Naz: Behind them Black Crestor's aren't ya! 

Greg: How could I forget where I stand.

Daz: Doe feel bad Greg, see here you ain't dying, not my watch! 

Naz: That's right! Even though I have only known you for a few seconds, I will be cheering you on to get all that lovely mon… I mean cheering you own to survive.

Daz: So any tactics for the first challenge? 

Greg: I don't even know what it is.

Daz: Well be yourself.

Naz: It got you this far right? 

Greg: Yeah I suppose, I better go think about this… 

(The Next day Tuesday the 24th of November) 

Greg: Well I have to meet the other competitors today. (Leaves house without interrupting Naz or Daz's sex session) 

Greg (thinking): That Naz seems like a bit of gold digger, and Daz promised me he'd get a good girlfriend, well I hope my first impression is not a lasting impression.

(Arrives at St. Amanda's) 

Mrs Conrad: Ah Greg you've arrived. The other 20 competitors will be here soon were all meeting for a photo-shoot.

Greg: Photo-shoot? Damn this sounds big.

Mrs Conrad: Locally yes, with the photo-shoots and you may even gain fans… 

(Jack pops up from nowhere) 

Jack: Did I hear the word, fans? 

(Greg jumps) Greg: HOLY SHIT IN MY CATTLE SHAPED SHOE! How did you get here? 

Mrs Conrad: Get out you foolish excuse of a boy! You're not a competitor! 

Jack: But yeah that's the thing you see, no photo is complete without… 

(He takes off his top) 

Jack: ...Mah sexah bodieh! 

Greg: Jesus Christ put that away! 

Mrs Conrad: Jack where is Florence? Isn't she the more deluded and fame-hugunry of the pathetic pairing of you?

Jack: Well Florence is acting, normal and she doesn't know it, she doesn't know I'm here… BUT I HAVE CAUGHT THE FAME-BUG! 

Greg: I knew it! 

Mrs Conrad: You'll be catching something else in a minute. 

Jack: That is?

Mrs Conrad: Your own head, if you don't get out! 

Jack: Just one cameo appearance as a model?

Mrs Conrad: No.

Jack: Come on you can't cut me short of this chance!

Mrs Conrad: I will cut you short of your life, if you don't get out! So get out now! 

(He eventually does) 

Greg: Darn it, his caught a severe case of  deadly delusion.

Mrs Conrad: Still could be worse could be both of them, ah look the others have arrived.

(Asif, Gordon, Imogen and Elliot have arrived) 

Asif: So what's going on? 

Greg: Meet and greeting the others and then, photo-shoot.

Mrs Conrad: Quick we need to be ready the officials have arrived, with the Mortdale Secondary Schoolers and the St. John's bunch. 

(The group from St. John's enter first, two girls and three boys are the competitors but these five are very dull and forgettable) 

Imogen: Hey, so what's your name?

St. John's Girl: Oh erm… 

Imogen: God you're quiet, speak up! 

St. John's Boy: Err, excuse me, Miss, we err… 

Imogen: What?

St. John's Boy: We don't like to speak very loudly.

Imogen: What I can't hear you! 

St. John's Girl: He said we don't…. 

(The Mortdale Secondary schoolers enter at this point well built boys that Asif mutters to himself look "hard")

Greg: So ermm, how you are fellow competitor? 

Mortdale Secondary Schooler boy: Get in the way of me and my 20 million quid I'll rip your fucking head off you got that wanker?

Greg:( Gulping) Understood… 

(One of the Secondary Schoolers pushes a timid St. John's boy to the floor and laughs at Gordon) 

Mortdale Secondary Schooler boy: HA! GUYS LOOK AT THIS NOB HEAD! SKINNY ASS WEAKLING! 

(Ringing laughter) 

Gordon: (squeaking) : I AM STRONG! 

Officials: Nice to see a lot of bonding, ah look, the Greenwood's have arrived. 

(The Greenwood gang enter, two boys and three girls, one of the boys is a snob, the other seems fairly daydream like with white hair and grey eyes, two of the girls are snobs and the other is an emo) 

Snob Boy: Oh hello.

Asif: Hi.

(Snob Boy sniffs) 

Snob Boy: Ugh, did you wash this morning? 

Asif: Excuse me, but I know full well how to wash as a matter of fact.

Snob Boy: Asif you did, Pathetic Inbred.

Asif:  Stupid snobby shithead.


Elliot: So ladies, get a load of the Elliot, oh yeah I know you like your future victor alright. 

(Two snobby girls walk away giggling) 

Elliot: What am I not appealing? 

Emo Girl: Obviously not retard, learn to flirt.

Elliot: Shut up bitch.

Emo Girl: How rude, you're certainly not flirting with me.

Elliot: I was not planning too.

Emo Girl: I hope it stays that way.


Greg: Oh lordy, were not getting on, this contest is gonna be the seven circles of hell on earth. (Approaches daydreamer boy) might as well try and make a friend, Hello, Howdy!

Daydreamer: What? oh hello, fellow Human.

Greg: Oh err hi, so err what's your name?

Daydreamer: Did you know names are way of giving you a social tag and can be based on judgements made against you? 

Greg: No...

Daydreamer: It's a very interesting fact isn't it? Say the odds of you winning this contest are 25 to 1. But the pundits have put some people ahead on odds to win based on name alone, it's quite ridiculous but part of Human nature.  

Greg: Can I just know your name? 

Daydreamer: Sebastian, but everyone calls me Bastian.

Greg: How do you do?

 Bastian: Okay, what is your name may I ask? 

Greg: Greg, or Gregory if you prefer.

Bastian: Yes I see, name like that suggests a unique being, or else an average Joe. 

Greg: I'm defiantly like the first one you mentioned, well in this town at least.

Bastian: So you are not of Chav species? 

Greg: No, neither are you, why's that? 

Bastian: A lot of people call me a loner, but prefer the title of... preferring to spend my time with the company of nature, birds and wildlife, the natural world can tell us a world of things and give us insights into…. 

Greg: Okay nice talkin' to you…(Thinking) No wonder he is a loner.  

Mrs Conrad: The Black Crestor's are here! 

(Enter 2 girls and 3 boys from Black Crestor's room goes quiet, one of the boys is hench the other is rather small and skinny but scary looking, the other boy is a fat chav, one of the girls is a stereotypical chav girl and the other, Greg realises is the fat red-headed  Black Crest Girl who killed Charlie)  

Imogen: So ermm. Hi… 

Fat Red Head Black Crest Girl: I'm Leanne, Lez for short, no messing. 

Other Girl: I'm Natasha. 

 Fat boy: Harold. 

Big Chav Boy: Timmy.

(Greg bursts out laughing)

Timmy: Ya think that's funny! 

Greg: OH MY GOD, big lad like you called Timmy, it's just...

Bastian: See I told you names put stereotypes to people.

Skinny boy: I'm Kyle.

Gordon: So err, Kyle, what do you like to do? 

Kyle: I like to burn puppies to death, and rip the innards out of captured kittens, I like to poison hamsters to death with carbon monoxide, and I like to skin farm animals alive and stick their meaty flesh on the walls of my bedroom, the voices in my head say I please them and I was born to do this. 

Gordon: (terrified): Right, sounds... interesting. 

Kyle: There's more, I like to kill people as well. Once I had this kid and ripped his lungs out his body with a kitchen knife, then I took his still beating heart and ripped it out of his body, he was still screaming by the way. I liked hearing him scream, Mr. Tibet says I should tell everyone about my achievements, it should help me in life.  

(Gordon is slowly backing away) 

Kyle: I can't wait to kill more people, to crush their eyelids in the sockets, or pop their skulls and brain with a satisfying pop like a melon, the money should be good, but I was born different. People sometimes call me insane but I'm not, in my school I'm accepted as normal, but still I need blood. If I don't get blood soon, I start cutting myself as I dig my knife under my own skin… 

(Gordon bursts into tears) 

Gordon: DON’T KILL ME! 

(Kyle stares at him as the rest of the room goes quiet) 

Kyle: Don't be so absurd I do not focus on weaker competitors… 

Gordon: Oh Thank God… wait what did you say? 

Kyle: OKAY LISTEN EVERYONE! Who here is Greg Winters! 

Greg: That would be me.

Natasha: That's the one.

Leanne: We have to aim for him during the tasks, that's what Mr. Tibet told us do to, if we want out town back to normal.

Timmy: Yeah he's dead as soon as the first challenge is done.

Kyle (to Greg): I'm going to rip your guts out and silt your neck wide open and blood will flow… 

Greg: Great, nice to meet you too. 

Official: PHOTOGRAPHS!  

(They are taken, Greg has to be at the front, Imogen is shoved to the side, Elliot tries to smile but fails, Asif barely manages to get into the photo and Gordon looks petrified, the St. John's are shoved behind the Mortdale Secondary Schoolers. The Black Crestor's look viscous, Leanne looks slutty, and Kyle is giving a psychopathic scowl, the Greenwood bunch are dotted around, with Bastian looking like a gorm, with his mouth open and eyes directed at the window.)   

Official: Well that went well, you all excited for the first challenge? 

Leanne: Very.

Timmy: Can't wait to get fucking started.

Kyle: I can wait no longer.


(The effect that Gordon has on people, has now just spread to a larger audience)

Official: Feel free, the photos have just finished, remember to be back at St. Amanda's for 11 o clock tomorrow we have a big surprise! 

Mrs Conrad: Well what are you waiting for? Go home. 


Naz: (On phone): Fine then bet on Kyle to win, but I bet you when Greg wins the tournament  it will be me whose laughing, yeah you're betting 1000 on that? fine!

(Slams phone down)

Daz: You know I cannot wait, for this! Greg is gonna win! 

Greg (very nervous now): Ermm what makes you so certain I'll win?

Daz: You survived all that stuff before, so unless someone is specially aiming for you, you’ll be fine.

Greg: (Who has not told Daz about Kyle's threat): Yeah (nervous laugh) I'll be fine. 

Naz: Yeah I mean like no pressure, I've only bet 1000 quid for like 30 friends that you’ll win, so if you do win, we'll have even more money than the 20 million we are already going to have! 

Daz: Yeah Greg think about the money! 

Greg: Yeah… I'll win for the money. and make us rich.

Daz: That's the spirit! 

Greg: I need to go upstairs to get ready.

(Goes upstairs and slams door shut, Greg is breathing very fast and shallow he begins to cry silently). 

Greg (thinking): Okay Greg just calm down now… there's still the chance… you can drop out… then Naz and Daz would probably kill me, but still…  just…think. You don't know what the task could be... 

(Lies down on his lumpy bed) 

Greg (thinking): Other than the murder prediction a week ago,this is the only time I know death is coming and this time I know it's aimed at me, God I can't sleep, I can't… 

The End

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