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Life in Mortdale for Greg and his friends appears to be getting better by the day. However this will not stop Greg's enemies from trying to kill him and rid him from their crime infested town once and for all.
To overcome this latest threat in the form a deadly tournament, Greg must rely on his wits and friends to make it through an action packed, deadly spectacle of a contest. However this is difficult when little to nobody is willing to play fair.

Act 1 

(November 23rd Monday Morning)

Greg: Morning Daz! 

(Daz does not reply) 

Greg: DAZ! 

(No reply) 

Greg: Probably still asleep 

(He goes downstairs the house it seems, is empty) 

Greg: Hello anyone! 

(There is no reply) 

Greg: Hello I… 

Cold Voice: Gregory… 

Greg: Wait no… you… 

(Greg's Mother comes from the stairs) 

Greg's Mother: My darling boy.


(Greg's father enters) 

Greg's father: Greg son, we are real. In your mind.

Greg's mum: Having… problems are we…?

Greg: STOP IT!

Greg's Mum (deforming):  Problems with… fire?


(House begins to burn, Greg screams, and then he is woken up by…) 


Greg: What!? (shakes off nightmare) oh Daniel, sorry I had a nightmare.

Daz: I heard you screaming last night, and here I am thinking you’re finally banging someone and there you are twitching like a retard. 

Greg: Well excuse me for still being a virgin.

Daz: I know it's embarrassing, you should be excused.

Greg: What's the time?

Daz: Just past half past eight.

Greg: Well I need to get ready.

(Lake enters) 

Daz: Alright boy, settle down, settle down… 

(Lake continues to bark) 

Greg: It was Caz, Daniel; I keep telling you, Lake probably still has nightmares about her.

Daz: He’ll get over it, speaking of nightmares why are you having them? 

Greg: Erm... no reason… just err... Mary-Sue I guess?  

Daz: I suppose, so close to no longer being a virgin and BAM! She tries to kill you it's enough to traumatize anyone. 

Greg: Yeah I guess so (Thinking) I can't tell Daz about my fear of fire. I can't tell anyone, I've only told Imogen, I don't want people to think I'm going insane.


Daz: So anyhow Greg… apparently they have something going on at your school… it's in the paper here.

Greg: Oh whose dead now? 

Daz: No one, that's why it's such big news.

Greg (reading from paper): Head teacher, Mrs Conrad Aldington, has announced today that over the next fortnight a series of events will take place, one occurring at St. Amanda's… yada… yada that's it! No info on what it is, or any idea on what it is. 

Daz: Nah, shocking news ay it?

Greg: If Rose and Lily were still alive they would probably die of shock, Lily and Rose, but there dead now… and well so are mum and dad… 

(Thinking of Nightmare) 

Greg: Hey Daniel, did you ever know my father well? 

Daz: I day bother with him, I told ya I never even spoke to him.

Greg: Surely you must have spoke when you were younger? You know remember the time you visited us? 

Daz: Greg shut up, you know I don't like discussing the past.

Greg: We've never discussed it.

Daz:  Err… well Good! 

Greg: But Daniel, how did you become a chav? 

Daz (changing topic): Well… you need to go to school! 

Greg: What? Oh yeah, Shit! 

Daz: I'm just glad that big nosed bi… (hears smashing) err I mean lovely headmistresses (smashing stops) is no longer crowding the school around my house any more, it was fucking bugging me! 

Greg: I need to go before I end up as flat as my old Grand-papa's foot after he it got flattened by a salt lick. I’ll see you later Daniel.

Daz: Yeah alright see ya later.

(Greg leaves house) 

Greg: (Thinking)  Okay, thank God I don't have to walk through Mortdale Park until White View reopens, okay going uphill… heading for St. Amanda's another day another… 

(He spots his friend George nearby with two other boys) 

Greg: GEORGE! 

George: Greg do you have to shout? 

Greg: Sorry, who are these two?

(Points at other boys) 

George: My younger brothers, Andrew and Richard, remember I was telling you about them a few weeks back. I said I had three brothers but Michael is a slob, so you know… 

Greg: How do you do?

(Andrew is in Year 9 aged 14 his hair is cut short, the same shade as George's and his eyes are brown) 

Andrew: (At Greg's hand) Ugh.

Greg: What's a matter? 

George: Andrew is a little diva.

Andrew: Am not, you're just jealous of beautiful looks.

George: Andrew, how many times do I have to tell you, not too...

Andrew: As you can clearly see George is a fail at life...

George:  Oh for God's sake.

Andrew: ...and I am a success, I see you're a fail as well, you butt plugger, so I don't have to stay here and talk to you its embarrassing.

(He struts off) 

Greg: Well he and Florence would get on.

George: Well he ain't a chav thank God, but still I don't were his diva genes came from... 

Richard: (In strange voice) Cough, me coughs.

George: Sorry Greg here's Richard (Richard is in Year 7, aged 11 his hair is black but eyes are the same grey as George’s)  

Richard: Hello, OM- ME- D-D'S I'M SO EXCITEDS! 

Greg: Err; y’all speak in a funny accent.


Greg: Can you stop shouting, you're drawing in chav attention! 

Richard: Seriously Me Greg-me's need to some learn some man-ers.   

Greg: I'm just saying… 

Richard: Manners. PRONTO! 

Greg: Stop speaking in that funny accent! 

Richard: Does the words Hypocrites ring some bells, with you me Greg Greg's. 

Greg: Well… 

Richard: I have to leave now's so embrarrassings being here's God's. 

(He leaves)  

Greg: How did you get him though Mortdale Park? 

George: I still don't know.

Greg: Why does he speak like that? 

George: I still don't know.

Greg: Well nice family y'all have.

George: Well, it could be worse, only reason they were here today was because mother insisted we walk together, she worries a lot, but still here we are.

Greg: Well bud, looks like we have just arrived at school; hear about what's going on? 

George: I heard about it, but I have no idea what it will be.

Greg: Let’s find out… 

The End

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