The Morn I No Longer Will See

t is 1807 and the world is going through an unknown event. Millions of healthy and unhealthy people are dying at frightning rates and millions more are being born at the same time. Though it might seem that it should balance out, it does not.

Christopher and his team set out to find the cause, coming to an unexpected island and the natives on it. The Bonitwa, the natives of the island, say how they know the cause. In fact, they say that the cause of the strange occurances is becasue the world


September 18, 1807

China held no hope, neither did India. America is just as confused as Europe is, and to think we even talked to those savages just to see if they had an answer. South and Central America were just a laugh to even think about, Africa and Australia didn't have anything, and I can't even remember why we asked Russia. Neither one had an answer on the worldwide occurrence of the unnatural rates of birth and death. Every hour it seems that a hundred people are dying and a hundred more are being born. At this rate, everyone will die as adults leaving nothing but infants and tots to roam, whom can't fend for themselves and eventually will die on their own. What is so alarming is that it seems to be happening to everyone. Children at the age of eight are giving birth, either due to their own consent or the massive number of rapists that have popped out of nowhere. The rates of premarital sex and/or childbirth has gone to the point where 78% of children 15 and younger are sexing and producing babes. As for death rates, I'm afraid to say it is no longer elders and soldiers, but also innocents and little 'uns too. People are dying everywhere, whether it's a 17 year old collapsing during a harmless game of chess all to find out it was because of a heart attack or a healthy six year old going to bed for the night and never waking up, leaving no evidence to what may have caused such a mysterious death. Murderers, rapists, psychopaths, torturers of the mind run a muck, officials never ever to catch them and even scaring thieves into corners of the dark. No countries seem to have anything, not even logical theories to explain any of this. Maybe, oh so hopefully, it's only me, but then again, these strange's like there is a war between two forces and we are the pieces being used. Could this just be...the end of mankind?

The End

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