Stuff of Legends

I wondered how long it would take for them to realize that I am here.

They fear me with good reason, because they have all done something that they know isn't right. I won't enter their everyday life, but they will know that I am here watching, waiting. 

Watching the girl wolf rushing through the clusters of students leaving the school, I feel myself intake a hollow breath. I wasn't hungry, angry, or lusting. I was curious as to why she was so enticing. Why she made all other werewolves crave for her.

Her long blonde hair sends the scent of shampoo into the air, and her pale blue eyes watch everyone around her cautiously. My attention instantly jumps to a dark haired wolf running up behind her, anxiety on his face.

"You can't go," he is saying, his voice full of concern. "It's too dangerous."

Abruptly, she moves away from him. "It's too late to feel afraid."

Her words move me, so deep. I wonder if she knows what I did only a week or so ago as I made my way back here. I wonder if she knows why I did it.

She moves further away from the school, distancing herself from the other students. The dark haired wolf is still following her, shooting warnings at her. But they go unheard as she nears the dark woods by the parking lot. The same woods that travel all the way up and past her house. 

I move from my hiding place, preparing to follow--not wanting to lose sight of her. She is now so close to the woods, that one hand is pressed against a tree. "You don't understand, I have to do this," she pleads with the stranger. She shakes her head and turns towards the woods. 

I wish I could tell her why I am truly here. Why everyone is fearful. Even with my strength and determination, it will still happen. They will still come. With every day that passes, the intensity of my hunger weans and the need to hunt evaporates, simply focusing on this one large moment that awaits this small town. I watch quietly as she shifts into her beautiful, grey wolf form. 

"MC!" the stranger calls. "MC, please, don't!"

But it is too late and she is gone. Gone into my world; the world of legends.

The End

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