I knew my mom loved the idea of Jason the moment that he stepped through our front door so many years ago. She'd loved that he was a pack leader, even if the pack was small. She found it intriguing that he stared directly at me when I was speaking because she thought it showed how respectful he was. 

Now that we don't speak there aren't any more questions like, "did Jason apply any changes to the pack this week?" or "What does Jason think about the idea of changing this concept of the pack?" There's just silence. 

Davis is still bitter about my decision and my parents are keeping their word about not nagging me about my choices, even if I can sense it when their heartbeats speed up when they see me. It's quiet in the house now, since everyone has gone for their morning runs. It's been a week since Sean, Aerie, and I formed our pack. It's been a week since my cousin was murdered by someone unknown to me, possibly a werewolf like me. 

I've been meeting up with the pack almost every night for the last week, but this morning is my first run without them. Walking slowly down the winding stairs, I take in the silence of the house that is occasionally interrupted by the ticking of a clock, or the hum of the refrigerator in the kitchen. I unlock the front door and step out into the frigid morning air. It's surprising to see how cold it is for a November morning. The sun is rising slowly, but the early morning sky looks threateningly red. The scent of rain hits me faintly, surprising after all the pre-Christmas snow. 

My feet are inching from my front door when I hear a noise coming from my next door neighbour's place. I look over cautiously, but only see Isla Cunnings, my witch neighbour, as she drops her garbage into the large black bin at the end of her driveway. Her long red hair is in a messy bun and her long coat flutters behind her as she quickly walks up her driveway towards her red-brick house. The Acura, Nissan and two other cars in the driveway shows that everyone is home.

I shiver, hating how uneasy I'm feeling. A cry of a crow far off in the woods alerts my senses and a Ford drives lazily down the snow laden road several meters from where I'm standing. Since the conversation with my parents during dinner a week ago, I've been on edge. My senses are on overdrive and my mind is constantly working, searching for answers.

Sighing, I close and lock my front door. I let the sound of crunching snow under my feet fade away as my bones begin to shift into the familiar shape and size of my wolf form. My jaw widens before reforming, my skin disappears under a blanket of rough, grey fur, and my back arches, sending me onto my knees. I howl loudly as the transformation turns my arms and legs into thin, agile limbs. My worries and tenseness has caused me to shift slower than usual and as a result I am more painfully aware of the changes that my body goes through. 

Finally, I am left panting on my lawn. My world instantly becomes clearer with the sharp sounds, slick smells, and sharp visual contrasts of the woods ahead of me. The snow cools my paws, but my fur is thick against the cold. I shake my wolf body, clearing all my human worries from my mind, before taking off towards the woods. Like many times before, I dart past trees and over roots. Then the wolf in me takes over, remembering a moment in the past when I raced Jason. My paws blur over the snow as I sprint through the forest, challenging a shadow from a memory. My lungs breathe easily as I leap high over mounds of dead trees and bright, glaring snow. The sludge of melted snow and mud flies around me magically as I seek the completion of an imaginary goal.

Then another wolf appears out of nowhere, jumping at me from a tight grouping of pine trees. A yelp escapes my throat as the stranger hits me hard, making me hit a large, bare tree. Some snow showers down on me, creating a frame around the vision of the new wolf. I whimper in pain and watch with fear as the magnificent, slightly oversized wolf stares me down. It's eyes are bright green, but his fur is a moonlight silver, dangerously beautiful and rare. It watches me as I slowly get back up, growling with pain. It snorts and slowly pads away, disappearing into the cluster of trees and slumbering bushes. 

The End

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