Too Close

The darkness is my companion as the Toronto Transit bus drives back towards the large city of Toronto. There's no moon in the sky, but I can still feel the chilly urge to change and hunt. 

My hunger is everlasting. The lust for the last breath of a prey rushes through my veins with the adrenaline of a million historical hunters. Restraining myself will be hard in this part of town, since so much happens here. 

I can smell other wolves in the area and I know that I need to keep my eyes open. I hate packs. Hate how weak they are and how treacherous they can be. Not that I know much about them. I could care less about them. I'm just going to have to stay clear from them so that I can hunt without worries. 

This isn't the city. No prey can survive. 

The sky overhead is a smoky grey as it blends with the bloodiness of dawn, slowly illuminating the small town that the bus has left me in. Trees become slowly more visible as the light of day slowly defeats night, bringing the woods in front of the houses to life. Instantly birds sing maniacally from their hidden shelters and several twigs snap as the creatures of the daytime woods awake from their cold slumbers. 

I turn my head and sniff around me, letting the burn of cold air sting my lungs. The shock of the icy morning awakens my senses and I can instantly hear the falling of paws as others run through the early morning woods, slamming into trees playfully or howling harmlessly amongst themselves. 

I look down the road to my left, where the bus once stood waiting for me to leave. There are nearly identical houses, occasionally made to look smaller beside several mansions, running down the street, giving the place an idyllic appearance. I wonder how many of those living in these homes are innocent and how many simply act it. 

I shake the thoughts out of my head and focus. A lot has to be done in this town. But first I have to feed. Travelling makes me hungry.

My body shivers with the need to change; to feed. Turning towards the woods, I place my bag down on the driveway of the home that I left so long ago. I take off my coat while mentally planning my hunt of the town. 

This is going to be fun. 

The End

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