The Eggs Aren't the Only Things Well Done

Davis looks at me pointedly as I walk down the stairs behind Sean. His ruffled blond hair is messy on his head and his bare toes are curled, like they always do when he is feeling the need to shift. The large wooden staircase weaves around the foyer  and the large bright window beside the stairs allows for the morning winter sunlight in. 

"Don't forget," Davis warns me, putting a hand on the banister as Sean passes him. I guess Jason just sent out the text. 

I nod at him and Sean turns around smiling, though it doesn't quite reach his eyes. "Don't forget what?"

A low growl grows in my brother's throat and I put my hand on his chest, pushing him back. "Calm down," I whisper to him, but to Sean I say, "just a family thing we have to deal with."

Sean's eyes dance with understanding. "Ah, okay."

I smile weakly at him and throw Davis a warning look, before leaving the house. Outside the wind is supposedly cold, but since us wolves run at a high temperature, it barely phases me. I pull my long and wet blonde hair into a high ponytail as we walk outside, the gravel driveway crunching under our feet. 

"Why do I get the feeling that he doesn't like me very much?" Sean comments as he walks past my bright red Nissan and my brother's dark blue Mazda. 

"Don't take it personally," I tell him, looking around our property and still seeing glimpses of my dream amongst the trees in the woods across the street. "He's just grouchy on Saturday mornings."

"I'll take your word for it," he looks back at me as he unlocks his car. "You've got a beautiful place, it's huge."

I'm used to these compliments, so I shrug modestly. "My parents work a lot and my grandparents left us with money."

"Must be old money."

I'm quiet for a moment as I get into his car. It smells like leather and the pine tree air freshener hanging from his rear-view mirror. "Yeah, our family goes a long way back."

Sean looks at me and I feel a sudden spark of energy rush through me for a split second before he reverts back to his easy self by saying, "Well, I'm sure you're family has lots of secrets then." 

He starts the car and I stare out the window as I process his words. He has no idea how many secrets my old family name has. 


By the time we reach Dientes only diner, Calvinos, it's ten-thirty and snow is falling softly. I get out of Sean's car and follow him towards the entrance, where a cheerful teenage girl from one of the public schools in a tight t-shirt welcomes us. It is warm and cosy in the diner and the bright lights emphasize the teen girl's bright smile and fake tan on her cleavage. I can smell nothing but human on her and I calmly watch her ogle Sean. 

"Well," she leads us to a booth near the back, beside one of the large windows portraying the snowy landscape of Diente. "Here're your menus and I'll just be taking your drink orders now, if you would like?"

Sean clears his throat and asks for a cup of coffee and I ask for a glass of grapefruit juice while looking up to see if I recognize her. "All right then," the waitress, whose name tag says Amanda, chirps. "I'll be right back with your drinks." She smiles brightly before twirling around back towards the kitchen. 

I scratch at something on my arm nervously and bite my lip. "How do you know where I live?" I watch Sean for any signs of distress, but like the many times before he seems perfectly relaxed.

"School records I guess," he looks shyly away. "I know it's very forward, but I couldn't stop thinking about you."

I open my mouth to say something, but shut it quickly. 

"I feel like we're connected somehow," he eyes the menu, puckering his lips at the choices. "Like we're supposed to meet here."

"So then, you're psychic?" I ask him.

"No," he says, lifting an eyebrow. "I'm just very... superstitious."

"Here you are," the cheery voice of Amanda cuts through our conversation. She places a mug of coffee in front of Sean and my glass of juice with a straw in front of me. "It's a beautiful day isn't it? With all this snow in November and the chilly breeze in the air." She grins, as if lost in a memory but the sound of the cook in the back setting up the stove jolts her back to reality. "I'm sorry, I'm just talking on and on, have you guys decided what you want to eat?"

I stare at Sean, waiting for him to speak up but he simply keeps his eyes on me. I cough and look up at Amanda's too-cheerful face. "Yeah, um, I'll have the sausage and cheese omelet with pancakes."

"With maple syrup or whipped cream?" Her voice is high-pitched.

"Maple syrup, please." 

"Sound good," she turns to Sean and puts a hand on her waist. "What can I get for you?"

Sean calmly looks up at the waitress, his bright green eyes flashing over her name tag. "I'll have the same thing, thanks Amanda."

Amanda blushes before heading back to the kitchen enthusiastically. 

"So you knew we would meet?" I ask him as he glances outside. The snow has started to fall harder, patches near the road glitter with dangerously hidden patches of ice. His brow is furrowed as his mind strays off in thought. "Sean?"

He slowly turns back to me and smiles widely, "Well, sort of, kind of... yeah, I guess."

I slowly shake my head, listening to the sound of some teenage guys jostling through the entrance of Calvinos. "What happened?" I point to my chin to show him what I am asking about. He looks down at his hands for a moment, as if figuring out what to say, before glancing back at me, his eyes full of wariness. 

"Are you trustworthy?" His voice is low and serious. The change in his attitude throws me off and for a fleeting moment I feel fear mixed with excitement, but then I chide myself. This is a human, though I admit that he is a weird human, he is untouched by the supernatural. 

"I--" the words that I am second in command of my pack almost seeps out of my mouth, but I clamp it shut before any unwanted words spill out. "Yes."

Sean smiles confidently and his eyes relax. The happy, sweet Sean is back. "Okay," he gives me a conspiratory look, reminding me of our conversation back at the school's cafeteria. "That's good to keep in mind."

Just then our breakfast comes and I am slightly surprised by Amanda's ability to carry two plates, plus bottles of condiments all in one trip. She grins at us after assuring that we don't need anything else, before rushing over to attend the new customers. 

"Wow," Sean says with a hint of excitement in his eyes as he puts a forkful of omelet in his mouth. "These eggs are as well done as secrets are well kept."

The End

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