To Be Human

The last time that I got really angry was when I was fourteen, three years ago. My brother borrowed one of my CDs without my knowing. Even today, at seventeen, I don't know if I was honestly angry at Davis for taking something of mine without asking, or if I was just in a bad, wolfie mood. I got so angry that I broke the door to his bedroom. Now I feel a slight edge of the same anger as I watch one of the newer witches picking on a younger werewolf. Life is hard enough for us when we first learn of our destiny, we don't need any witches making it harder. 

"Hey," a male voice sounds far away. "I think that's my locker." 

I look behind me with a snarl, my hands aching with the need to change. Immediately I relax when I see that it's the new guy. "Oh," I look down and notice that I've slowly been pushing in the door of his locker. "Sorry."

"Are you all right?" he asks. He's taller than me and his skin is nearly as pale as a vampire's, but he smells alive and I can nearly hear the strength of his heart beat. Emerald green eyes question me and his angular face is cocked to the side. His dark eyelashes are long and for some reason I can't help but want to touch them. 

"Yeah," I shake my head, clearing my mind of such thoughts. "I just hate it when they tease other students." 

"What can you do right?" he asks looking over at the snickering witches. "People are just mean." 

"No kidding," I say, smelling the fresh tears of the thirteen year-old werewolf. 

"I'm Sean Wallus," he leans against the dent that my anger had made in his locker door. "You are...?"

I measure how sincere he is by looking at how easily his mouth sets in a smile and how relaxed his lean body is. "Meredith Claire," I say quietly. "But my friends call me MC." 

"MC," I hear from behind me and I turn around. Jason is standing by the new werewolf, whose face is tear-streaked. "Be careful."

I frown at him before turning back to... no one. Sean is gone and I didn't hear him leave, which is rare amongst us wolves. Everyone at the school knows that nothing escapes us, but this only proves that Sean is more than normal. Or at least he's very agile. 

"Jason," I walk up to him and look at the girl. "Don't worry, you're one of us now." When she nods and walks away I look sternly up at Jason's brown eyes. My pale blue eyes and full lips are reflected in the darkness of his irises. "If you want me to watch out for the pack you have to trust me."

"I do MC," he says, putting his large hand on my cheek. "But when I can't figure out something about someone it makes the hairs on my neck stand up." 

I stare at him in silence, waiting for his mind to settle down. He finally lowers his hand. "I know it does," I turn around and start walking towards my English class, but turn around quickly and stop a few feet away from him. "We'll all go out tonight, my parents have a party in Oakville and you know that's a good forty minutes from here."

"Okay," he smiles slowly. "We'll meet at your place and try to figure out what's so different about this human."

The End

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