Our World

"Who's the new guy?" Brenda Pollins says as I walk past the popular witch table. She brushes back her long black hair and smiles seductively at her friends. "He's cute."

"He's human," answers Sarah Lucas, the newest member in Brenda's posse. "I can sense it from here."

"But why would the headmaster let a human in?" Lisa Andrews asks, putting her red hair up into a high ponytail. Her bright green fingernails clashing horribly against her pale skin. 

Brenda shrugs. "Who knows, maybe he wants to--" she pauses and turns around to face me. I'd paused with curiosity, my tray of food in my hand. "Can I help you" --she looks me up from my worn Adidas to the top of my blonde head and smirks-- "wolf?"

I don't say anything and walk away quickly, Brenda's cruel laughter echoing off the walls. After what felt like twenty excruciatingly long seconds, I finally reach the pack's lunch table. I sit beside Matthew Lawrence, whose tongue is down his girlfriend and new pack member, Alice Clear's mouth. I look pointedly at Jason Levy, my best friend and pack master. "Did you hear that?" I point my chin at the witch table. "Stupid cows." 

Jason grins and cocks an eyebrow. "Of course I heard, you're not the only one with super hearing," I glare at him. "Calm down and let it go."

"But Jason," I argue while angrily sticking my fork into a piece of lettuce in my salad, "someone has to teach them that they can't be like that."

A low rumble grows in Jason's throat before he concludes the conversation with, "Let it go MC."

"Don't worry," Matt says, finally breaking from Alice's cherry flavoured lips. "One day they'll get it."

"Relax Jason," Alice adds, taking a piece of pepperoni off Matt's forgotten pizza slice. "They're just witches, they can't hear us like we can hear their every, annoying word." 

"You're new here Alice," Jason smiles sarcastically at the nonchalant look on Alice's face, "so, if you don't know the rules yet it's best that you keep your opinions to yourself." 

Alice flinches before pouting. "It's no fair that it's like that, just because I shifted late in life doesn't mean I'm dumb."

I giggle at Jason's annoyed face before sticking the forkful of lettuce in my mouth. Across the cafeteria the new guy is standing in line, waiting to order his lunch from the lunch lady. His blue-black hair stands out amongst the light haired vampires and witches around him and his green eyes are nearly piercing even from across the room. "You know," I say jabbing my fork in the direction of the new guy, who is now smiling broadly at Henrieta, one of the lunch ladies, as she puts a burger on his tray. "The witches have a point though, he is kind of cute."

"And human," Jason adds, looking behind him. He shakes his head and his shaggy chestnut coloured hair moves away from his dark brown eyes. "But something feels off about him."

"Nothing's off about him," Charlie Hughes walks over to our table, her blonde hair is in a side ponytail hanging off her shoulder. She waves cheerily at us before sitting down beside Jason. "He looks as normal as can be, Jason's just jealous that MC thinks he's cute." 

I roll my eyes at the same time that Jason coughs uncomfortably. It's a known fact that our pack members think that Jason and I should be together, but my thinking of him as a brother kind of ruins that fantasy of theirs. "I agree with Jason," I comment, watching the new guy walk confidently and alone out of the busy cafeteria, "there's definitely something different about him... despite the human scent."

A lot of the students that don't belong to cliques are usually loners at NPS that keep their secrets locked tighter than Area 51. Even if I can smell their difference, I still can't figure out what they are. This guy is the same, his scent smells familiar but his true identity remains hidden to me. 

"MC," Jason says, forcing me out of my contemplation. 

I nod, "I know," I say quietly. "I'll keep my eyes on him."

The End

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