Welcome to Nates

First of all, I want to make it very clear that I do not need the full moon to turn, despite what lore books and other know-it-alls tell you. My pack and I turn whenever we please, whether it be at night when our parents are sleeping, or at lunch time so we can cool off from whatever made us angry in the first place. 

Second thing you should probably know about us is that we don't turn into someone like in Teen Wolf. We don't go hairy or weird looking, we turn into beautiful wolves. Nothing like in Twilight either, though my best friend Jason and I had a good laugh while skimming through the book while at the book store. 

Third thing is that my name is Meredith Claire, but everyone calls me MC. I first turned when I was twelve right before dessert. My mom made spaghetti that night, I remember because it's my favourite home-made meal, and as she was preparing a slice of cake for my dad, brother and I, my stomach started hurting. After a torturous first turning experience (which I would much rather not revisit), I was a wolf. The last one in the family to turn, to be exact. Guess my parents weren't really visiting neighbours all those nights. After I turned back, they told me that I was to transfer immediately into Diente, Toronto's Nates Private School where my brother, Davis who's a year older than me, was already a student. Soon after, I met the friends I have now who took me in as a new member of their pack. 

Nates Private School, or NPS, isn't the only school of its kind--there are hundreds spanning across the world in various countries. Families have been known to uproot themselves just so that their kids can be in a magical, carefree environment. Of course, there are many parents who hope that their children don't turn up like them, the lucky few who don't have the "supernatural" gene in them. But just like humans are rare at any of the NPS schools, normal children are a rarity that very few other-worldly families get. 

Just like any other school in the world, NPS has its cliques. The Vamps, or to some who harbour a natural distaste for them, the Marbles, are one of the most lustful cliques in my school because of their beauty and careless attitude around others, but also because they chose their own lifestyles. They came from normal people who now think of them as dead teenagers, not parents who constantly chide them on what is right and wrong for their kind. They are teens who were turned because of their potential and because of their need for something more than a mortal life. 

But also, the Vamps are the only ones not afraid of the witches and warlocks who magic their way through teenage society. One of the main rules amongst the students at Nates is that you don't mess with the magic community, because they can really screw your life up. A young, rebellious faerie name Trista, one of the only faeries at our school because faeries are one of the rarest creatures in the world, was cocky enough to challenge a senior witch. Poor Trista didn't know that just because you're rare others will fear you. She was transferred a week after when mysterious boils began to appear on her once peachy complexion. 

Just like Trista, you get other rare creatures walking down our halls. Some so rare that barely any of us know what they are. To a human, they can look just as normal as them, but we can sense or smell their difference. 

Then there are the wolves. The few loners who shift on their own or prefer to be alone during their school days. Those are the ones who detest their families for what they have passed on to them. Those are the lost causes. Then you have a few packs. There's the Silver-Fangs, a grouping of the biggest wolves, they usually protect the weaker wolf packs. Their members are oversized guys who are usually big on sports. The Green-Earth pack are the peacekeepers. Their pack of smart, innocent looking members always try to find solutions to problems without anger and violence. Then finally, there's our pack, the Turf-Riders. We try to stay out of everyone's way and mind our own business. Jason is our pack master because he founded our pack and though he looks sweet and unassuming, he is a strong leader who assures us our safety. He keeps us away from the stray packs around town that either weren't accepted into NPS, or were homeless before they changed. 

To an outsider we are students at a private, elite school that barely anyone gets into. Especially if you don't meet the, err, requirements. So there's no way that anyone can ever know our secrets or how we treat each other in these private hallways.

At least, I thought that until the day that Sean Wallus walked in through the front entrance of NPS.

The End

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