The Moonlit Wolf

MC isn't a happy wolf. Her world is full of creatures that laugh at her wolf pack's "deformity" and she just wants everything to be normal. Though, not even MC knows what normal is. But when a new guy shows up at her school acting like a normal human, MC's curiosity gets the better of her. But she's not the only one that's curious, someone else is curious about Nates and its creatures. MC's life is about to go from weird to weirder, just when she thought that it couldn't get any worse.

Sometimes I wish the world was normal. 

You know, no need to carry something to protect myself every time I want to go to the Loft Mart at night, where they sell my favourite kind of skittles, or where I don't have to watch my back whenever I'm around the popular girls at my school, who love to enchant others into adoring and fearing them. Life would be so much simpler.

Instead, my wolf pack and I are the loners of the school. Feared by most (for no real reason, because though I admit that when we go all furry it is kind of scary, but a lot of the other kids in our high school are way more dangerous than us) except for those who are obviously stronger than us, we eat lunch in either our designated wolf packs, or by ourselves. 

If the world was a different place then I wouldn't have turned into a wolf when I was twelve, my neighbours wouldn't be bloodthirsty vampires, the mean girls and hot boys at school wouldn't be witches and warlocks, my teachers wouldn't be ghosts, and different creatures wouldn't randomly appear in our neighbourhood almost every year. 

But this is our world, my world, the only one I've got-- and I know it isn't changing any time soon.

Or is it?

The End

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