The Moondance

A really short story I wrote whilst on a boat. This isn't based on what really happened, but it would have been nice...

Putting along on a seemingly abandoned river, I was finally able to feel at ease. Calm and free, the wind blowing through my hair, I silently watched the tranquil landscape flow past me as gently as the water between my toes.

With my feet over the side of the boat, or The Moondance, as we had chistened it, I watched the waves that it caused flowing away from the back of the boat - free and careless, just as I myself felt now.

I soaked in the typical British summer, watching the grey clouds pass overhead, but even the imminent showers coupled with the slightly chilly breeze was not enough to dampen my spirits.

I closed my eyes and listened to the gentle hum of the engine, and felt a few teardrops of rainwater splash delicately onto my face.

I opened my eyes to see a large formation of dull rainclouds towering mercilessly above me, and as the trickling amount of fresh raindrops increased, I smiled and relaxed.

I was happy, free and content, and no unexpected downpour was going to spoil that.

The End

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