The moon shadow

Joseph is a young man at only the small age of 15 when he is lost in the great city of London. With his new surroundings and loss of his parents he needs to find a way to get back home.


It was the night before that really intrigued dear Joseph. He was a teenager who was low on money, on love of a girl and on life in general. He had so much going for him though.

His hair was a chesnut brown that seemed to glisten in sunlight and dance in the small breeze. His irises shone a light blue, no matter what lighting. His only clothing with worth was his coat he recieved for his birthday; it reached half-way down his thighs, red in colour, with a hood and long, oval-shaped buttons. He didn't stand particularly tall, but didn't have any way to truly measure himself.

His bed was comfortable, soft and plump; it was cheap, but perhaps that was what gave it character. It was only a small wooden bed, but it was like a dream to sleep in. He couldn't believe it the day he foudn it in his room after his day out with friends. He ran straight for it and lay down, expecting to go to sleep at three in the afternoon.

Funnily enough, he umm... did.

He truly was helpful around the house for those next few years, "pulling his weight" he used to call it. Both me and Nathan knew it was because he wanted to pay us back for the bed; we didn't stop him though, it gave us a helping hand.

His help was never in vein. He would always work hard and except no money, just a hug and some time with his friends. He was, what's the best word...


We loved him so much, so strongly.

More then anything, we loved him.

The End

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