Chapter Two - Part OneMature

The boy had been more informative than he knew, although he was confused as to why I would pay him for such information. I'd had to ask him why he'd asked for money, and he'd said he'd seen people like me before. Private Investigators that is. To be honest, it was a good way of getting information out of the right kind of people. Drug addicts, homeless people etc. Did I feel guilty for giving those people money, knowing what they would use it for? Yeah. I guess so, but if it takes a killer off the streets, surely that's good. Right? 

Apparently, a girl at his school had turned 18 last week, and had thrown a party. A party her parents disapproved of. Typical teenage girl stuff, right? Well, the next part isn't. Apparently when they'd come home during the party and freaked out at Jodi? She did some freaking out all of her own. Apparently she'd gone bat shit crazy, throwing stuff, kicking people out.

Not that bad, not on a true scale of things, but still odd, for a seemingly sweet girl that most had gotten along with. She wasn't a bitchy cheerleader, or a geek, just, somewhere in the middle. Now however, she was somewhat like a modern day hulk. It sounded familiar to me. Familiar but odd.

It wasn't so amazing that the Local N.C.U. couldn't figure out what it was. They were rare. That wasn't the odd part though. I'd killed one of these not too long ago. A Berserker. It had to be. It fitted what the boy had described. I found myself wondering if this girl even knew what she was.

No one had seen Jodi since that night. Apparently the speculation in the College was that she was staying with her boyfriend, who was out of College now. The boy said that he'd thought the boy lived in a flat down on the Main Street of Town. That was our next stop.


 There were flats above pretty much every shop on Main. I guess this is a waiting game. Find a good vantage point to see the whole street, and wait for the girl to show up. She'd go out. She'd be feeling the need to. Except her party wouldn't end with stupid irresponsible teenage sex. If I was right, her night would end in someone getting severely beaten. I'm betting it wouldn't be Jodi. 

I found a bar that was right at the end of the street. A quiet place, with a few tables outside. Most of them were empty. Perfect. I sat down, and sent Kai in to order us some drinks. Might as well get comfortable. It could be a long night. It was nearly eleven at night, I was enjoying my beer, basking in the glow of the moon, Kai watching me thoughtfully, when one of the flat doors opened.

A man stepped out, a large man. Muscles rippled in his tee-shirt, visible even to my eyes at least a hundred metres away. I suppose he was good looking, if that's what you like. Behind him, was a tall girl, with lean muscles, that still managed to look as menacing as the guys. Most important to me, was her bright hair, and black stud in her nose. She matched the boy's description. 

She must have filled out a bit. Kai's eyes widened when he followed my gaze. He whispered into his mic, "That's gotta be her." 

"I know." I whispered back. "Let's follow them. Try to take the nice approach." 

Kai smirked, "Unusual, normally with you it's just kill, kill, kill. Don't you need to?" 

I shot him a scathing look, "I don't want to kill her. If she's only just 18, and her 'parents' didn't know, the likelihood is that she doesn't either. She should be given a chance to control it."

"You going soft on me now Boss?"

I stood, following the muscled couple down the street at a distance, whispering furiously into my headset. "No. There's a lot of people that would have just killed me when they found out what I am, a lot who still would. It isn't fair for me to kill her, not when she hasn't even had a chance to control it. It can be controlled. She just needs teaching."

There was silence for a moment. "So, you're going to teach her, are you?" I see, Kai was going to play Devil's Advocate now. I guess he was right though. I was not one for controlling anger easily. I have to work on it, a lot. I haven't hurt anyone who didn't deserve it for a long time now, and it's hard work. This girl would need one of her own kind. Any experience I did have would be useless.

We followed them into an alley. The man, jumped on a large motorcycle, a Harley I believe. Kai stared after them in frustration, "What now?" 

I looked over in a dank corner with a smile. "We take that bike."

In the corner, was a large motorcycle, again a Harley, custom paint job, the works. To make matters easier, the owner of said bike, was making out with his girlfriend against the wall. I strode over, punching the girl in the jaw, and watching as she hit the floor with a satisfied smile. That helped eased some inner tension. 

The biker guy turned to look at me belligerently, "Hey, bitch, you just knocked out my girlfriend."

I smiled. "Oh good, you don't have to have a high I.Q to ride a Harley. I'd always wondered."

The man spat on the floor by my feet. "Fuck off, before I do something you'll regret."

I mimicked shaking, "I'm so scared!" He lunged for me, not even seeing my fist before it hit. He flew backwards. Nights of the Full Moon made me stronger, and boy did it come in useful. I hunted in his pockets for the key and climbed on the bike, motioning to Kai. "Get on then." 

He climbed on wide eyed, both of us slipping on helmets before we sped off into the night. 


The End

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