Chapter One - Part FiveMature

I cursed under my breath. Damned N.C.U. It didn't matter where she went, they would always be poking their nose in her business. Or am I poking mine in theirs? She shrugged. She'd been doing this job too long to care. No one was going to stop her doing it. She strolled to the door, holding her head high. She wouldn't be cowed by the first of a probable many of the N.C.U's lackeys. 

I slid the door open, sighing impatiently. "What do you want?" 

The woman assessed her, looking her up and down with contempt. "You need to check in to the area." 

I sighed, ushering her inside. "Look. This is ridiculous, why do I need to check in, when Maddox is the one who sent me here. Surely you would have been told." 

The woman shot me a bewildered look, "Maddox? The Maddox?"

I snorted, shooting Kai a grin. Boy was this one green. I had dealt with a lot of N.C.U. agents in my time. In London, it was great, they sent the more experienced ones to talk to me, knowing they wouldn't cause as much hassle as a newbie. Guess I didn't get that luxury here. 

"Yes, The Maddox. Now, I'm sure if you contact your supervisor, he'll tell you everything you need to know. I've got work to do." I strolled to the door, opening it, and watching the woman. This was a clear signal to anyone, that it was time to back off. 

She straightened her back, turning to me with narrow eyes. "I guess you've figured out I'm pretty new at this, huh? Well, forgive me if I don't believe you. I'm going to stay here, until I have spoken to someone."

I whistled, "Ooh, the bitch has fangs."

The woman bristled, staring daggers at me, "More than you know." Is what she uttered under her breath, thinking I wouldn't hear. I drifted towards Kai, and he whispered. 


I smiled brightly, turning back to the woman, looking her directly in the eye. "What's your name then Newbie?" She stiffened at the eye contact, staring me down. I didn't look away. I knew what Werewolves were about. It was all about dominance with them. If I looked away, I was basically admitting I was weaker than her. Her lips lifted in a snarl, sounding in a low pitch for a few seconds, until she realised what she was doing. 

She abruptly shut her mouth, and looked off to the side as she answered, "Carmen." 

I smiled. I'd won that contest. "What are you?"

She looked at me with an eyebrow raised, "I think you've already figured that out, considering your little dominance display." 

I grinned, "Yeah, I thought you'd notice that. Well, if you're staying, get on the phone and do what you got to do. I'm going out."

She started to walk over, stopping herself before she reached me. "No, you can't. Not until I've-" 

"So what? I'm a prisoner now?" 

She stammered, "No-Yes-No, I- I don't know." 

I grabbed my coat, grinning brightly at her, "Well then, I'm going out for lunch. Kai and I will leave you in the capable hands of the lovely Darla." I didn't wait for an answer, I just walked out, knowing Kai would follow. 


It was an hour or two before we went back. It was amusing to let the Werewolf stew for a bit. Except when we got back, she wasn't there. Darla looked up as we walked in with a small smile, that I couldn't help but notice was all for Kai, "Miss Magnelli left. She said everything panned out, and she left this for y'all." 

I frowned, "Miss Magnelli?"

"Carmen, you know, the red head you left behind?" Darla tossed a manilla folder towards me. "She left you this. Said Maddox wanted you to see to it, with a polite reminder of the ten percent deal, whatever that means." 

I didn't like having Maddox handing me jobs, like I was one of his little lackeys. I suppose that's why he'd tacked on the ten percent thing. I would get more money than I used to, and if it was a real case, he was only really helping me out. I slapped open the folder, and started to read.

Time to get ready for the first job in this new town...

The End

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