Chapter One - Part Four - Awkward IntroductionsMature

We pulled into Tenesson, a lengthy eight hours after we'd left. I was struggling to keep my eyes open, and hadn't found anywhere to sleep yet. I paid for Kai, Darla and myself to share a room at a local hotel. It was money better left unspent, considering the move, but I didn't feel like sleeping on the new office's floor. 

We parked in the hotel's tiny car park, that seemed to lack any real security, and bustled up to our room with weary sighs. We settled onto the large King bed, all together. Darla sighed, "This could be a strenuous move. You sure you can make any money out here?"

I snorted, "Maddox seems to think so." 

Kai piped up this time, "What about new staff, for the, you know, mundane stuff?" 

I shrugged, "I don't know Kai. I guess I'll have to make a phone call to Brack, see if he knows anyone based out this way. He's not going to take the move well. This business was his baby." 

Kai stretched out with a yawn, "I'm sure he'll understand Ariana. Anyways, I'm hungry, let's get room service." 

I rose a brow, "Putting your money where your mouth is?" 

He grinned, pulling a wad of twenties from his jeans, "I'd have offered to pay for the room, but I knew you would have been offended. Strong independent woman that you are." 

I slapped him playfully on the arm, "Would you really? Well then, I guess the room service is on you." 

Darla, who was sat quietly during mine and Kai's exchange, grabbed the menu her eyes lighting up. I rose my brows and she frowned, "What? I'm starving." As if to punctuate her words, her stomach rumbled.

I laughed, "Let's eat then."

A huge pizza, a bowl of chips and two litres of Cola later, and we were all fit to burst. Kai burped loudly, clapping his hand over his mouth with raised brows, "Sorry. So, where are we all sleeping?" I looked around. There was a long sofa near the bed. 

"You take the sofa, Darla and I can share the bed." 

He nodded clambering off the bed and onto the sofa with a grumbled good night. I pushed the tray away, and climbed under the covers, waiting until Darla had done the same to click off the light. I lay back on pillow with a sigh and closed my eyes. It was incredibly quiet for a moment, until Darla's voice pierced the silence tentatively, "Ariana?"

"Yes Darla?"

"I hope this all goes right, this job is all I have."

I sighed, "Me too Darla, me too."


The new office building was... more than I'd expected. In my anger at Maddox, I'd simply chucked the file he gave me into a box with the others from the office, and never gotten them out. It was way nicer than the one I'd had in London, the rent much cheaper too. Tenesson seemed to have a bustling town centre in the middle, the population thinning out nearer to the borders. 

My office was well into the town centre, in between a shopping centre, and a dentists. Odd spot, but a lovely place. It was all black steel, and mirrored glass. There was a large space above for shop lettering, leaving me to have a bit more fun with the company logo. It didn't take long to get all the stuff in, and once arranged, I realised I could do with more office furniture. 

It was a few hours after that, that we got our first visitor. A woman, with bright red hair, and eyes as strange in colour as my own, banged on the door loudly. I shot her a contemptuous look, "We're closed." 

"N.C.U. Open up!"

Oh great, here we go...

The End

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